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Blumfeldt Cascada 2G Cascade Fountain Garden Fountain 12W 800 l / h Wood

Decorative cascade fountain with closed water circuit for the garden or terrace.

Three floors of interconnected wooden barrels with a crowning hand pump made of cast iron.

Includes powerful 12W pump with 800l water flow per hour.

Gently rippling water paired with an attractive look: the Blumfeldt Cascada 2G garden fountain. With its wooden vats pouring torrents of water in constant circulation, the cascade fountain brings rustic charm to any garden or terrace.

Three floors of sturdy wooden tubs - just like the ones our grandparents used to use - rise to an upwardly tapering tower, which is topped by a decorative hand pump made of black painted cast iron. All three barrels are durably manufactured from beautifully grained fir wood and visually aged with a flame treatment. Thus, the barrel fountain perfectly captures the mood of days gone by and helps create a relaxing atmosphere of calm. To ensure that the water remains safely in its containers and to protect the wood from decay, the vats are fitted from the inside with a thick sealing protective layer and are also lined with pond liner.

Of course, you need not worry about having to physically pump the water to start the flow. That work is done by the built-in electric pump that is placed in the bottom vat, which sends the water up through the outflow of the decorative pump via a hose system. A powerful 12 watts circulate up to 800 litres per hour, ensuring that the Blumfeldt cascade fountain has a strong water current of its own.

Product details


  • Decorative 3-storey cascade fountain for the garden or terrace
  • Rustic look out of of wood vats and cast iron hand pump
  • Includes powerful 12W pump with 800l / h water flow
  • Buckets lined with pond liner - against water leakage
  • Protective layer inside for water-tightness and against rot


  • 1 x fountain (assembly kit)
  • 1 x pump
  • 1 x English user manual (other languages: German)


  • Dimensions (total): 56 x 100 x 65 cm (WxHxD)
  • Dimensions (hand pump): 12 x 27.5 x 25 cm (WxHxD)
  • Dimensions (1st level): 31 x 56 cm (HxØ)
  • Dimensions (2nd level): 23.5 x 40.5 cm (HxØ)
  • Dimensions (3rd level): 17.5 x 28.5 cm (HxØ)
  • Weight: about 12.5 kg


  • Closed circuit: no water supply required
  • Easy installation, all necessary screws are included
  • Material: Asian tannen wood / cast iron
  • Flame-treated surface for optical aging
  • Necessary quantity of water: 50 litres
  • Colour: brown

Operating instructions

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Blumfeldt Cascada 2G Cascade Fountain Garden Fountain 12W 800 l / h Wood

  • 3 floors
  • Wooden tubs and cast iron hand pump
  • 12W pump with 800 l / h water flow
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