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Blumfeldt Arco Trino Swivel Grill Fire Pit BBQ Tripod Stainless Steel

Robust fire bowl made from 1.5mm thick steel plate in a rustic look with stainless steel handles for easy moving.

Fire basket with 96cm diameter suitable for use with wood, coal or charcoal fires.

Complete with 70cm swivel grill made of stainless steel in tripod mount.

The Arco Trino fire pit from Blumfeldt promises rustic flair and a romantic campfire atmosphere. Use the 96cm-large fire oven throughout the year: roast marshmallows or corn cobs in the summer, bake bread sticks or prepare mulled wine for cozy winter evenings in the terrace or garden. The Arco Trino fire bowl turns your parties into fiery hot events. The Arco Trino fire pit is made from extra-thick, 1.5mm sheet steel and can withstand hot flaming wood, coal or charcoal fire without burning out. In order to ensure a safe and undisturbed campfire, the fire bowl is completely independent of the included tripod swivel grill. The latter can be easily put to the side so that nothing disturbs the view of the campfire, and the fire bowl itself may be easily placed using the two lateral handles.

As a special highlight, the Blumfeldt fire pit has an additional tripod swivel grill, allowing you to discover the Saarland tradition of the swivel grill. Generations of grill masters cannot be wrong: a free-swinging grill surface measuring 70cm suspended from a robust wire cable can rotate freely above the fire and embers, greatly reducing the risk of burning your food. Via a cable, the grill grate can be raised or lowered to adjust the distance to the fire. To lock in place, the Arco Trino features five hooks on which the wire can be placed. A safety edge on the grill surface ensures that sausages and other round grilled foods will not roll into the fire unintentionally.

The stable tripod with its black fire protection paint contributes to the camp atmosphere. In addition, it gives the swinging grill great mobility: with a few handles, the tripod is disassembled and assembled again just as quickly - ideal for space-saving storage and making it easy to take the Arco Trino to the next camping trip, festival or event where marshmallows and breadsticks are waiting to be deliciously cooked.

Whether you want to throw hearty barbecues or are looking for a cozy romantic campfire, the Blumfeldt Arco Trino swivel barbecue and fire pit is ready to meet any needs.

Product details


  • Robust stainless steel swing grill with fire pit and tripod mount
  • Large, free-swinging grill surface with 70cm diameter
  • Fire pit made from extra thick, 1.5mm sheet steel


  • 1 x fire pit (mounting kit)
  • 1 x tripod (mounting kit)
  • 1 x grill grate
  • 1 x English user manual (other languages: German)


  • Dimensions tripod: 112 x 121 cm (ØxH)
  • Dimensions fire pit: 96 x 26 cm (ØxH)
  • Diameter grill grate: 70 cm
  • Max. lift of the grill surface: 40 cm
  • Distance of the locking hooks: 10 cm
  • Weight (total): about 13.5 kg
  • Weight (bowl): about 8.7 kg
  • Weight (tripod + grill grate): 4.8 kg


  • Wire rope suspension of the grill grate with 5 locking hooks
  • Tripod and grill easy removable, no fixed connection to the fire pit
  • High mobility and space-saving storage with easily collapsible tripod
  • Safety edge on the grill surface
  • Fire bowl with handles for easy shifting

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Blumfeldt Arco Trino Swivel Grill Fire Pit BBQ Tripod Stainless Steel

  • Robust stainless steel swing grill with tripod mount
  • Grill surface with 70cm diameter
  • Fire pit made from 1.5mm sheet steel
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