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Auna MIC-900BL USB Condenser Microphone Blue Cardioid Studio

Intercommunicative USB condenser microphone with a cardioid polar pattern for excellent vocal and speech recording.

Plug & Play compatibility with Windows and Mac computers.

Incl. shockmount with threaded adapter, USB cable and a practical and protective bag.

The auna MIC-900BL is a condenser microphone designed to meet the requirements of digital applications. It connects to your PC or laptop with a contemporary USB cable, and is immediately ready for operation in Plug & Play style after connection.

Specialising in vocal and speech recording, the auna MIC-900BL features a sample rate of 16 bit / 48 kHz and a balanced cardioid to create the best sound quality. This gives you the perfect starting material for audio mastering in song production, podcasts or presentations for streaming radio.

The included shockmount serves to hold the auna MIC-900BL firmly in place. The nylon canopy reduces resonant sound vibrations and noises which can occur in the housing. Thanks to the 5/8” thread, the microphone spider can be easily mounted on a standard microphone stand. A 3/8” to 5/8” adapter effectively guarantees universal applicability with other thread sizes.

With a blue robe wrapping the rugged metal chassis and a steel basket winding the 16mm electret microphone capsule, the microphone is equipped for extreme longevity and well-suited for mobile applications outside of its usual habitat, so that you are always prepared for recording sessions in the tour bus or hotel.

Product details


  • USB condenser microphone for studio recording and podcast applications, audio streaming
  • Pronounced cardioid - ideal for voice and vocal recordings
  • Stable, blue metal housing with built-in 16mm electret microphone capsule
  • Plug & Play support for Windows and Mac
  • Incl. shockmount with 3/8" to  5/8" thread adapter, USB cable and protective bag


  • 1 x microphone
  • 1 x shockmount
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x thread adapter (3/8" -  5/8")
  • 1 x protective bag
  • 1 x English user manual (other languages: German)


  • Microphone: 16.5 x Ø 5 cm (H x Ø)
  • Shockmount: 9 x 9 x 6 cm (WxHxD)
  • Cable length: 3 metres
  • Weight microphone: about 295 g
  • Weight shockmount: about 180 g


  • Connection: 1 x USB port (Type B)
  • Frequency range: 30 Hz - 18 kHz
  • Sample rate: 16bit / 48kHz
  • Sensitivity - 32 dB
  • Power supply: via USB

Operating instructions

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of Barbara reviewed on 10/12/2015

I thought the Auna CM600 was a great microphone, but this new model MIC-900 is even better and provides the cleaner sound quality that we wanted. There are mics for different tasks. This one is superb for both music recording and vocals. More sensitive pickup, less pop, stronger volume and excellent clarity when input into a digital audio editor like Audacity. All the convenience of a cardioid condenser mic with output comparable to much more expensive options. The physical product is beautiful, solidly built and quality throughout. I love the cradle, the storage pouch is a welcome extra and the 3 m cable is long enough for our needs. Top product at a very reasonable price.

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Auna MIC-900BL USB Condenser Microphone Blue Cardioid Studio

  • USB condenser microphone
  • Pronounced cardioid
  • 16mm electret microphone capsule
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