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Auna MD-180 Car Stereo FM Radio RDS USB SD MP3 Player

Fully digital car stereo system with MP3-capable USB and SD slots, AUX input and FM radio reception.

4 x 75W power. Able to work with 2- and 4-channel amplifiers.

The Auna MD-180 is an intelligent car stereo system that has a variety of connectivity options.

The Auna MD-180 features three front-situated ports. The USB and SD slots open the system up to the MP3 libraries of mass storage devices such as SD card, USB MP3 players and USB sticks. All other external audio components, such as CD players and laptops, can be connected through the AUX jack input.

The radio of the Auna MD-180 has 18 preset stations. The RDS functionality of the system includes TA (Traffic Announcements), and EON (Enhanced Other Networks: receive traffic information even when the system has no TA signal), among other things.

The advantage of the Auna MD-180 not having a CD or cassette player is the absence of the relevant mechanical parts, and therefore the extended life of the stereo system. Another advantage is, of course, the price advantage that comes from having fewer parts.

With 4 x 75W of power, the Auna MD-180 competes against much higher-priced contemporary models. The line outputs can connect to 2- or 4-channel amplifiers to achieve an even higher level of performance.

A sleek, intelligently structured, and stylish retro display with 2 round portholes give easy access to its capabilities at any time of day or night. The display colour can change between red, blue and violet, to customise the appearance to individual preferences.

Please note that the device does not have a CD player.

Product details


  • USB and SD inputs for direct playback of MP3 tracks from suitable storage devices
  • AUX input for connecting external audio components such as MP3 and CD players
  • Output for 2- and 4-channel amplifiers
  • FM radio with PLL tuner, 18 station presets and RDS support
  • Convenient operation via remote control and keys
  • MOSFET amplifier with 4 x 75W output power
  • Partially illuminated design with 3 LED colors (red, blue, violet)
  • Theft-proof thanks to removable control panel


  • 1 x Car stereo system
  • 1 x Remote control
  • 1 x ISO cable harness
  • 1 x Case
  • Mounting hardware (mounting frame, release key)
  • 1 x English user manual (other language: German)


  • Simple DIN-ISO standard (5.5"/14cm depth)
  • Weight: approx. 1.4 pounds (650g)


  • Connections: 1 x USB input, 1 x SD input, 1 x 3.5mm jack AUX input, 2 x stereo RCA line outputs, 1 x ISO connection (power section / speaker section), 1 x antenna input
  • Playable formats: MP3, WMA
  • Supported file systems USB / SD: FAT16/FAT32
  • Supported USB / SD media sizes: up to 32GB, SD and SDHC cards
  • Automatic and manual channel tuner
  • Efficient MP3 folder navigation
  • Reads ID3 tags (displays the artist name, song title, etc.)
  • Fully digital equalizer with several presets
  • 2-band EQ (bass and treble adjustable)
  • Adjustable balance
  • Fader adjustable
  • Anti-shock protection
  • Random function
  • Repeat function
  • Intro function (preview tracks)
  • Built-in clock
  • Mute
  • Loudness function

Operating instructions

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of Mark reviewed on 24/04/2013

I must say, I had my doubts because I’ve never of this brand name before, and couldn’t find much information about Auna online. But the look and price got the best of my curiousity and I don’t regret giving in! 4x75 watt description is accurate and as described. The choice of light colours is pretty cool, I really like the “all colours” setting! The fact that the USB/SD/AUX inputs only take up to 32GB is NOT ENOUGH!!! :D However, I did try it with a 64GB stick and it worked even though the spec is max. 32GB. CONCLUSION: Excellent product for the price – I’m giving the Auna MD-180 Car Stereo 5 stars but I wish I could give it 10!! AUNA FOR THE WIN!!!

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of Paul McKenna reviewed on 02/02/2013

Just installed today. Fitted well into my Mondeo with no problems. No moving parts, less to go wrong. I had a 7 inch flip DVD/GPS/TV etc stereo before with loads of problems. This is simple, AND IT LOOKS FANTASTIC.....

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5 of 5 People found this review helpful


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Auna MD-180 Car Stereo FM Radio RDS USB SD MP3 Player

  • USB and SD inputs for direct playback of MP3 tracks from suitable storage devices
  • Output for 2- and 4-channel amplifiers
  • MOSFET amplifier with 4 x 75W output power
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