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Auna CRM-2 Ribbon Microphone XLR Spider Aluminium

Ribbon microphone for use in studios for vocals, instruments, and live applications.
Mounting bracket, transport box, and quiver.

The Auna CRM-2 is a ribbon microphone with figure-eight polar pattern, excellent performance, and components built from high-quality materials.

The HRM-2 features an extended frequency response and a high dynamic range, resulting in a clean audio signal and an excellent recording quality. The 2" ribbon strips are made from pure aluminium, producing a warm and natural sound.
The delivery includes an adjustable bracket, fixing screws, tripod socket, and a nylon holster for protected storage. To protect its intricate inner workings, the microphone comes in a sturdy, padded transport case.
The HRM-2 is ideal for use in the studio, at concerts, and for broadcast and live applications.

Product details


  • Ribbon microphone with 2" aluminium ribbon
  • Natural, soft sound - ideal for vocal and instrument miking
  • Adjustable headband with locking screws and tripod mount
  • Includes lockable, padded transport case and nylon holster


  • 1 x device
  • 1 x mounting bracket
  • 1 x quiver
  • 1 x transport box
  • 2 x keys
  • 1 x English user manual (other languages: German)


  • Cable length: 2m
  • Weight: about 850g


  • Connections: 1 x XLR plug
  • Band Type: 35 x 5mm
  • Polar pattern: 8
  • Frequency range: 30Hz - 15kHz
  • Sensitivity: 54dB-
  • Impedance: 600 ohms
  • Recommended load impedance: 3000 Ohm
  • SPL: max. 148dB
  • Equivalent noise level: 18dB (according to IEC 268-4)
  • S / N ratio: 70dB

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of Kevin reviewed on 14/07/2014

I am interested on a totally amateur level by sound. I used to have choir practice and percussion tuition during my breaks and after school as a kid all through my school years (to some sad I know!) and now have a full drum kit, an old Korg synth, some bongo drums, a large Djembe drum, a few harmonicas and Ukuleles at home that I use as regularly as possible and I was curious about the sound produced from recording vocals and music through one of these ribbon mics as I do have a few other mics. This is all for personal pleasure only and I do not claim to be any standard of musician whatsoever! :)

The Auna HRM-2 Ribbon Microphone is a classic ribbon studio 'style' microphone. This design hasn't altered much in over 70 years and is perfect for recording vocals, acoustic instruments, string, horn and choral arrangements. By design a ribbon microphone is quite a delicate piece of audio equipment. This is due to the internal ribbon assembly being extremely fragile as with all ribbon mics. Care is to be taken in handling these types of mic. This ribbon mic was delivered very well packaged and in perfect condition.

In the aluminium lockable well padded storage/carrying box I found -
- The Auna bi-directional ribbon microphone (with attached mic stand mount) with an attached 3 metre gold plated XMR male jack cable inside a. . .
- Padded nylon sock type storage bag
- Warranty card
- Instruction booklet

The build quality of this mic looks and feels to be very good. The mic (grille part) measures 7.28 inches high x 3 inches wide. Weight is 850g. The ribbon type is 2.5 microns thick pure aluminium which measures 35mm x 5mm. Due to the fragile element of the internal ribbon it is advisable to use a pop filter with this mic. This will stop any powerful air currents from pronounced 'B' and 'P' words and excessive moisture from your breath from damaging the ribbon mechanism. Also always keep upright to avoid ribbon sagging which will be detrimental to sound quality. I will just add to never blow into or tap a ribbon mic! It will damage it. This mic uses a figure of eight polar pattern. Which means it 'takes' or listens to sound coming from directly in front and behind it. It does not pick sounds coming in from it's sides as well as front/back. This mic also has a strong proximity effect so don't get too close or it will ramp the bass end up too much. The mic is reportedly capable of withstanding extremely high SPL (sound pressure level) of 165 dB. So if you want to record a jumbo jet revving its engines up, you're in luck with this!

This microphone has been rebadged and turns up frequently under many names.

In use -
Ribbon mics are very low level and you will need a preamp (loads on Amazon) to increase the gain to get a decent volume of sound from this mic, if that's what you want. If you're a heavy metal vocalist you probably won't need one! :) A mic stand of sorts, desk type or standing will be needed too.
Ribbon mics typically produce a warm, natural soft sound. Ideal for spoken vocals rather than singing (but they can definitely be used for singing) as they tend to pick up every imperfection, which just goes to show how good Sinatra was, he was considered to be the master of the ribbon mic! This is also good for just instrument miking as it presents superb clarity and sensitivity.

Just speaking through this mic produces a very warm vintage-like tone. Ideal for broadcasting. Any screechy singers out there? Knock Jack Jones' The Love Boat out through this (one of my karaoke faves) and it will smooth the high ends out a little and it does make a difference, allegedly! So my kids say! 
I recorded some 12 bar blues harmonica through this mic. Just me playing around and everyone running for cover with their hands on their ears and it produced a lovely dark deep bluesy tone to the whole thing, very nice. I even knocked a rendition of Johnny Cash's Orange Blossom Special out. It sounded good to me. I think with a mic like this its worth experimenting with distances (I found an arms length was good) and tilt angles to get different sounds.

Now this this is no 'Cole' or 'Royer' high end microphone. The HRM-2 is an inexpensive Chinese ribbon design intended for amateur broadcasters/home use in my opinion. It is adequate for that purpose and produces a decent quality audio for me! So, if you are looking into buying a first ribbon microphone to experiment with you won't go far wrong in giving this one a go.


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Auna CRM-2 Ribbon Microphone XLR Spider Aluminium

  • 2"aluminium ribbon
  • Natural, soft sound
  • Bracket with tripod mount
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