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oneConcept Villa Gallo Henhouse Chicken Coop 2 Berths 120x122x127.5 cm Wood

Decorative henhouse made of red stained wood for the space-saving keeping of chickens.

One lateral laying nest with two mutually-separable laying places.

Hinged roof for convenient egg collecting and easy cleaning.

Have you always wanted to gather freshly laid eggs from the nests of your own chickens to eat for breakfast on Sunday morning? If eggs come from happy animals, they naturally taste much better than the conventional products from the nearest supermarket. In addition, it is nice and reassuring as a consumer to know where your delicious breakfast eggs come from. Chickens are great animals, and keeping them is a fun hobby that can also give you a higher quality of life. Thanks to space-saving solutions, keeping feathered animals is possible even in a small space. If you can’t offer your chickens a huge enclosure with a large shed, the oneConcept Villa Gallo henhouse gives you the opportunity to keep a smaller, more compact henhouse in your garden.

The Villa Gallo henhouse from oneConcept provides your chickens a side-mounted elevated nest with two berths with zinc tub, which are separated from each other by partitions. This keeps order in the barn and the eggs remain neatly in place - even if the chickens are wilder. In the middle of the henhouse is a large main room where the chickens find shelter - a ‘living room’ for your ‘girls’, so to speak, if they don’t want to walk and scratch around outside or if the weather doesn’t permit them to be outdoors. The roofs of the berths and the large main roof are hinged, which makes egg collecting and stall cleaning much easier. Thanks to the pull-out floor in the central part of the chicken coop, cleaning is also greatly facilitated. Chickens can get in and out via the sliding door, and a sliding window with grid provides ventilation. So that the floor of the henhouse isn’t damaged by moisture, the house is slightly raised. The feet are protected from moisture by black plastic covers.

In addition to its practical features, the stall is a colourful eye-catcher that brings a touch of Swedish country style to your garden with its red stained wood. Pure country idyll! In the city or in rural areas, your feathered animals will love their new home and thank you with their joyous clucking and plentiful eggs.

Product details


  • Decorative henhouse made from red stained wood in the style of a Swedish barn
  • Side-mounted, elevated nest with zinc tub and laying places for two chickens
  • Easy egg collecting and easy cleaning through individually hinged roof parts
  • Weather-protected roof of asphalt for good rainfall runoff
  • Allows you to keep chickens in a smaller space


  • 1 x henhouse as assembly kit
  • Assembly instructions in English (other languages: German)


  • Dimensions: 120 x 122 x 127.5 cm (WxHxD)
  • Weight: about 36 kg


  • Easy to set up thanks to detailed instructions
  • Coloured stained wooden walls
  • Individually hinged roof parts
  • Pull-out bottom for easy cleaning
  • Two berths with partitions
  • Large main room
  • Sliding door and sliding windows with grid
  • Raised ground to avoid damage due to moisture
  • Feet with plastic covers to protect from moisture

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oneConcept Villa Gallo Henhouse Chicken Coop 2 Berths 120x122x127.5 cm Wood

  • Laying nest with zinc tub and laying places for two chickens
  • Easy to clean with individually-hinged roof parts
  • Weather-protected roof made of asphalt for good rainfall runoff
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