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oneConcept Table Blizzard Fan Oscillation 30cm / 10" Black

Powerful 30cm table fan with low power consumption.

Ventilation at three speeds with optional oscillation function.

Tilt angle of 90 ° adjustable in six stages, ideal for direct and indirect air circulation.

The Table Blizzard table fan from oneConcept is a powerful support for the active air circulation and ventilation of your rooms, made possible by its 30cm diameter rotor. Whether spring, summer, autumn or winter, the table fan always earns its keep in your home. During hot summer months, it deflects the air flow from open windows into the room or circulates cooled air from your air conditioner. As a result, it is easier to achieve a comfortable room temperature. In winter, the Table Blizzard facilitates the movement of heated air and distributes it evenly throughout the room. In autumn and spring months, it contributes to a pleasant climate by helping to cool or heat the room depending on weather conditions, and when placed near a window, helps supply you with fresh air.

With a power consumption of just 40 watts, the oneConcept table fan is economical enough to be suitable for long-term continuous operation. The device provides three fan speeds, circulating air either in a solid state or with a left-right oscillation. Since hot air rises and collects under the ceiling, the Table Blizzard may be tilted in six steps to a maximum of 90 degrees, carrying the air from the ceiling and passing it to warm your cold feet.

The operation of the oscillation fan is controlled by a knob that can be adjusted in three steps with or without the swivel function. Cleaning of the black-grey device is simple: accumulated dirt can be cleared from the fan with a vacuum cleaner, while all other surfaces may be cleaned well with a dust cloth or mop. With its light weight and hidden top handle, it is simple to move the device around the room.

Available colours: black / grey, white (item 10028200).

Product details


  • Economical consumption, only 40W power usage
  • 30cm fan for optimal air circulation
  • 3 speeds for airflow as desired
  • Switchable oscillation


  • 1 x device
  • 1 x English user manual (other languages: German)


  • 31 x 34 x 17cm (WxHxD)
  • Cable length: about 1.5m
  • Weight: about 1.9kg


  • Fan diameter: 30cm (10")
  • 6-stage adjustable tilt angle of 0-90 °
  • Hidden carrying handle on the top panel
  • Control via simple knobs
  • On / off switch on the front panel
  • Power supply: 220-240 V / 50 Hz

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oneConcept Table Blizzard Fan Oscillation 30cm / 10" Black

  • Economical consumption, only 40W power usage
  • 30cm fan for optimal air circulation
  • 3 speeds 
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