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oneConcept Castle Woof Kennel XXL Isolated Porch Wood

Stable, wooden doghouse in XXL format (160 x 105 x 100 cm) for accommodating four footed friends of up to 60 cm shoulder height, regardless of the weather.

Easy to install kennel with 4cm thick insulated walls, a porch at the entrance and bitumen decked roof.

Insulation assured cladding, reinforced edges with aluminum profiles.

The Castle Woof kennel from oneConcept, made ​​of real wood, is the safe, weather resistant accommodation for your four-legged friend, in which he or she will feel like a little king or queen. The preassembled parts can be fitted together without issue and so the less technically gifted can build a solid shelter for their dog without much time and effort.

The side walls, floor and roof are made ​​of robust Cunningham-fir wood. The walls are fitted with a thick 4cm layer of insulation made ​​of Styrofoam so that the Castle Woof can also be used during the cold seasons. The insulation is fully boarded up with real wood, and thus it can not be chewed or pulled by the dog. Furthermore, the kennel is protected against weather via a porch made ​​of plastic at the entrance with a dividing wall to protect against drafts. For easy and quick flow of rainwater, the roof is sloped and covered with bitumen. So that soil moisture and water can not harm the oneConcept doghouse, it is mounted on 10 cm high feet.

In order to maintain a long beautiful image, the edges of the Castle Woof are fitted with aluminum profiles to protect them from biting. For optimum adaptation of the hut with regards to the design of your land, but also to your demands, for example in terms of health impact, the fir wood is delivered completely untreated.

Please note that the weather protection of the wood must be regularly renewed through varnishing.

Product details


  • stable, weatherproof doghouse made of real wood
  • simple design with preassembled parts
  • protection from cold via 4 cm thick insulation made of Styrofoam
  • Windscreen and bulkhead protects against drafts in the entrance area
  • Edges protected against biting by aluminum profiles 


  • 1 x roof
  • 1 x floor
  • 2 x side panel
  • 1 x front wall
  • 1 x rear wall
  • 1 x dividing wall
  • English manual (other languages: German)


  • Complete dimensions: approx 160 x 105 x 100 cm (WxHxD)
  • Dimensions door: approx 36 x 60 cm (WxH)
  • Dimensions inside room: approx 98 x 85 x 80 cm (WxHxD) / 0,8 m²
  • Dimensions front room: approx 42 x 85 x 80 cm (WxHxD) / approx 0.34 m²
  • Weight: approx 60 kg


  • Rainproof, with bitumen felt roof
  • Insulated fully with wooden boards
  • 10 cm high feet to protect against ground water and waterlogging
  • suitable for all dogs up to a shoulder height of 60 cm
  • Bitumen covered and slightly chamfered roof for light stormwater runoff
  • Roof foldable for easy cleaning
  • Material: Cunningham Fir wood 
  • insulation material: Styrofoam

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oneConcept Castle Woof Kennel XXL Isolated Porch Wood

  • weatherproof doghouse made of real wood
  • simple design with preassembled parts
  • Cold protection via 4 cm thick insulation
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