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Yukatana YukaCook 900 Gas Camping Cooker 900 ml Camouflage

Powerful butane cartridge camping stove for preparing hot meals and drinks while hiking, trekking or camping.

Simple ignition via piezoelectric fuse; no matches or lighters required.

Includes a removable 900 ml container complete with lid, heat-isolating handles and a camouflage insulator.

Yukatana's YukaCook 900 gas camping stove is the perfect solution for everyone who doesn't want to give up hot meals or drinks while they're trekking or camping. The small stove consists of a burner with a safety valve where you attach the butane cartridge and a 900 ml container. Both parts are locked in place so that the container is securely positioned on the burner. The piezoelectric ignition is simple to use and makes matches and lighters useless, and a safety valve controls the stream of gas and therefore the size of the flame as well.

The container has heat fins on its bottom-side, which quickly heat contents and ensure that heat is evenly distributed. A lid with steam valves can be used to speed up the cooking process or to keep contents warm. Two handles fold into one so you can easily transport the container or use it as a cup, and the heat insulator ensures that you can touch them even when hot.

This protective heat insulator can be attached to the container with a Velcro fastener. This keeps the warmth inside longer and makes sure that the container can be touched. We know that on trekking tours every bit of weight in your pack counts - that's why the container is made of super lightweight aluminium, weighing only 360 g. A special coating prevents the typical aluminium taste and makes it easier to clean the container after use.

The stove is olive green and grey to emphasise its outdoorsy nature, and the insulator comes in a camouflage pattern. The Yukatana camping stove comes in a transport bag which can easily find space in a backpack.

Available colours: camouflage

Please note that the stove is only meant for outdoor use and with butane cartridges. The gas cartridges required for use are not included with delivery.

Product details


  • Camping stove with burner and container
  • Simple ignition via piezoelectric fuse
  • Light weight of only 360 grams
  • Container includes lid, handles and insulator
  • Container capacity: 900 ml


  • 1 x burner
  • 1 x container
  • 1 x heat insulator
  • 1 x lid
  • 1 x transport bag
  • User manual (English, German)


  • Dimensions (total): 10.5 x 20 cm (ØxH)
  • Dimensions (burner): 10.5 x 15.8 cm (ØxH)
  • Dimensions (cup): 10.5 x 15.5 cm (ØxH)
  • Weight (total not including gas cartridge): approx. 360 g
  • Weight (burner): approx. 170 g
  • Weight (cup): approx. 190 g


  • Burner for use with butane cartridges
  • Safety valve for controlling the gas and flame
  • Snap-in connection between the burner and container for a secure stand
  • Heat fins to provide even heating
  • Heat-insulating cover: heat stays in the container
  • Heat-insulating handle for transport and use as a cup
  • Removable lid with steam vents for cooking and heating ingredients quickly
  • Coated aluminium to ensure a light weight and easy cleaning and to prevent an aluminium taste
  • Includes a transport bag

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Yukatana YukaCook 900 Gas Camping Cooker 900 ml Camouflage

  • Camping stove with burner and container
  • Piezoelectric fuse
  • Light weight of only 360 grams
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