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Yukatana Yequuleus Camping Lantern LED 600 Lumens Square 150h 15m Red

Bright LED camping lantern with 600 lumens of light output, approx 15m range.

Different lighting functions: 50 and 100 percent brightness and flashing light, approx 150h / 72h operating time.

Includes handle for easy transportation and bottom hook for use as a hanging lamp.

When you're in the garden at dusk, or the campsite at night, the lack of electricity makes you quickly notice the impenetrable darkness. Bring light into the darkness with the Yaries camping lantern from Yukatana. With 600 lumens, your T6 LED lamp from the renowned Cree manufacturer will light your tent, campsite or the walking path at night in pure white light (approx.15m range).

Three lighting functions allow you to adjust the lighting to your desired effect: 50 percent intensity generates a small light range sufficient, for example, to orient yourself without waking any sleeping people. 100 percent luminosity will brighten even the darkest corners. Alternatively, the lamp can be set to a flashing mode in order to use it as a navigation light.

The square feet of the Yukatanas Yaries can stand securely even on uneven surfaces. A fold-out handle is provided for simple transport. So that the camping lantern can be used as a hanging lamp, a fold-out hook is provided on the base, with which it can be hung upside down. Thus, the LED lamp can shine down without casting shadows in the light range. One Battery charge is enough for up to 72h at full and up to 150h at reduced light power.

Available colors: red, black (item 10028624)

Please note that sic LR20 batteries are required to operate the camping lantern. These are not included in the delivery.

Product details


  • Luminous camping lantern for use in the garden, while camping or on night time hikes
  • 600 lumens of light output via Cree T6 LED
  • 3 lighting functions: 50 or 100 percent intensity, flashing light


  • 1 x Lantern
  • English manual (other languages: German)


  • Dimensions: 12.5 x 24 x 12.5cm (WxHxD)
  • Weight (without batteries): approx 755 g


  • Easy transport thanks to folding handle
  • for 15m light range (approx)
  • Standing feet for use as a floor or table lamp
  • 72h / 150h of operating time at 100% / 50% light power
  • Material: ABS (shock, weather and age resistant)
  • Lamp Color: White
  • foldable bottom hook for use as a ceiling light
  • Power supply: 6 x LR20 battery (not included)

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Yukatana Yequuleus Camping Lantern LED 600 Lumens Square 150h 15m Red

  • Luminous camping lantern 
  • 600 lumens of light output 
  • 3 lighting functions: 50 or 100 percent intensity, flashing light
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