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Treefrog BX10DW Double 10" Car Subwoofer Box 1200W Green

Powerful car subwoofer system with two 10" subwoofers, 1200W output and excellent technical specifications. Features, attractive design with green speaker membrane and LED frog logo.

The Treefrog BX10DW is a car subwoofer system with a product design imitative of the red eyed tree frog (Agalychnis callidryas) species:

Red eyed tree frogs are nocturnal and spend the day in the trees where they sleep on the underside of large leaves. In the evening they become active and go out to hunt or to mate, with the males making a sharp, repeated "chack-chack" sound to attract the female.

As opposed to this mating call, the frogs will also produce a laugh or hum sounding noise to scare off potential rivals. To communicate with other males the frog will produce body vibrations to shake the leaves. These 'tremulations' are an aggressive signal to ward off other males from their mating ground.

The Treefrog BX10DW features a powerful 1200W output and, not one, but two subwoofers. A computer-optimised, low-vibration, bass reflex enclosure ensures you get the best sound from your system.

Product details


  • Passive 2 x 10" (2 x 25cm) car subwoofer with 240W RMS - 1200W max.
  • Computer optimized, low-vibration enclosure
  • Bass reflex design
  • 2-way technology
  • Attractive design with green speaker membrane, LED frog logo and green lining


  • 1 x Car subwoofer system
  • User manual


  • 68 x 36 x 36cm (W x H x D)
  • Weight: 22.5kg


  • Connections: 2 x Connection terminals
  • 0.85kg (30oz) strontium magnet
  • 2" (3cm) voice coil
  • Carpet lining - acrylic front
  • Hi-tec PP membrane with butyl edging
  • SPL: 89dB
  • Frequency response: 35Hz to 600Hz

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Treefrog BX10DW Double 10" Car Subwoofer Box 1200W Green

  • Passive 2 x 10" (2 x 25cm) car subwoofer system
  • 1200W max. output
  • Frog-style design
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