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Planet Waves CWH4-10JS Joe Satriani Guitar Picks Set of 10

Pack of 10 medium-sized guitar plectrums with different Joe Satriani designs. Black on white design!

Jo Satriani design plectrums made from premium celluloid. Each plectrum in this pack of 10 features one of the 10 original Satriani designs!

Compared to finger picking, plectrums create a louder, punchier sound with more focus on the higher frequencies. As there is less dampening of the strings caused by the fingernails or tips, there is a much larger spectrum of higher tones.

Plectrums are most commonly used for electric guitars. The various materials, shapes and strengths influence the sound of the instrument. Thinner plectrums produce mostly a thin sound, while thicker ones deliver a more powerful tone. Harder materials create more overtones, while softer ones produce more muted sounds.

Product details


  • Pack of 10 plectrums
  • Special Joe Satriani design
  • Various designs


  • 1 x Pack of 10 plectrums


  • Weight: 7g per plectrum


  • Black on white design
  • Thickness: 0.71mm
  • Material: Celluloid

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Planet Waves CWH4-10JS Joe Satriani Guitar Picks Set of 10

  • Pack of 10

  • Joe Satriani design
  • Various designs
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