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OneConcept Shogun XXL Teppanyaki Non-Stick Electric Grill 1800W

Traditional Teppanyaki grill for cooking meat, fish, vegetables and sides.

Japanese-style – for fat-free meal preparation.

Covered heating element with 1800W max. power.

Japan's spectacular cuisine really comes into its own with the traditional Teppanyaki style of cooking. Thanks to the OneConcept Shogun XXL Teppanyaki grill, you can prepare these wonderful dishes at home too.

Traditionally, vegetables, meat, fish and sides – such as noodles or rice – are cooked on the Teppan, or hotplate, and then eaten directly from the Teppanyaki. This sounds simple at first, but it enjoys the culinary status and importance of sushi.

The OneConcept table grill features a space-saving design that allows it to be placed in the middle of your dining table for easy access by all guests. Thanks to its non-stick coating, no oil is required, making the food much healthier and lower in calories. Your meal is also cooked in its own juices together with all the important vitamins and nutrients.

The covered heating element with 1800W power heats the 3mm thick steel plate at 5 adjustable levels. The advantage: No fat comes into contact heating element, preventing smoke and unwanted odours. All fluid run-off is collected in a removable collection tray. The cool touch handle featured on the OneConcept Shogun XXL Teppanyaki grill is heat-insulated for easy handling.

Product details


  • Extra-long Teppanyaki multi-grill
  • Japanese style – for traditional cooking of meat, fish and vegetables
  • 1800W max. power
  • Odourless, fat-free grilling on steel plate
  • Incl. fat collection tray


  • 1 x Teppanyaki grill
  • 1 x Fat collection tray
  • User manual


  • 87 x 13.5 x 22cm (W x H x D)
  • Grilling surface: 70 x 23cm (W x H)
  • Weight: 2.9kg


  • 5-level thermostat for perfect cooking temperature
  • Covered heating element
  • No controls on work area
  • Cool touch handle
  • 3mm thick, non-stick steel plate
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • Power LED
  • Power supply: 220-240V, 50Hz

Operating instructions

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of kevin reviewed on 02/07/2014

Teppanyaki is a Japanese style of cooking food 'teppan' refers to the electric hotplate to cook on and 'yaki' means to grill.

This Teppanyaki grill here is considered quite large.

In the box - (see pic upload)

- The teppanyaki grill (L) 2' 10" x (W) 8.6 in x (H) 5.3 in
- The power cable. This is 5ft long has the European type 2 pin plug so you will need to buy an adapter to convert this into a UK 3pin type in order to use this grill. They are available on Amazon fairly cheap
- Fat collection tray
- User manual

The manual tells you about the hotplate but not how to cook teppanyaki style so I will try to explain a little here.

The hotplate has a great build quality and is pretty simplistic. The plate itself is 3mm thick steel which is non stick coated. It has two well designed handles at each end so you can easily pick this up and move it when hot if need be. The heating element is shielded away from touch and there are four non slip rubber feet about an inch long at each corner to lift the plate up away from the work surface and two in the middle providing great stability when seated.

The very good quality thick power cable is very easy to fit into the hotplate. You just push the metal spike/pin at the end into the socket on the hotplate. Slide the fat collection tray underneath, plug it in and you're good to go! Simple.

The power cable also has the temperature control on it. An LED light will show you that there is power going to the hotplate. The control dial has five levels of heat available which are well marked up. The top level of 5 is in red to show it's on full!

In use -

The whole thing weighs just under 3kg so pretty light and portable.

There are no set rules to cooking teppanyaki, other than that the meals are meant to be cooked around the table in front of your guests and shared.

You can wow your friend and family with your food prep/knife skills by preparing meat, vegetables, sauces and condiments on the table whist the grill heats up.

What you will need -

Teppanyaki grill
Raw meat, thinly sliced or cut into bite-sized pieces
Raw vegetables, julienned or cut into bite-sized pieces
Soybean oil or other vegetable oil
Soy sauce
Condiments such as fresh lime, spring onions, radish, rice vinegar and wasabi

1 - Preheat your teppanyaki grill to medium high (375-400 F) No4 on this one
2 - Lightly coat the cooking surface with oil
3 - Coat/dip the meat in soy sauce and place on the grill. Cook for three to four minutes
4 - Turn meat over and cook for another three to four minutes or until cooked through to suit
5 - Whilst the meat is cooking, place vegetables on the hot grill and cook for 3 - 5 mins moving around the plate continuously with the spatula

Popular teppanyaki vegetables are carrots, onion, bean sprout, courgette and mushrooms.

6 - Portion onto individual plates and serve
7 - Each person adds their own sauces and condiments to taste

Serve plum sauce, hot bean sauce or chilli sauce, soy sauce to enhance the flavours of your teppanyaki

8 You can also use your teppanyaki grill to fry up your side dishes such as fried rice and noodles alongside your meat and vegetables as there is enough room along the length of this grill to do that.

I've used this a few times now to cook pork, beef, duck and chicken with various vegetables, fried rice and noodles and personally found it to be easy to manage. The main thing is to be fully prepped and know what you're cooking and where you will cook it on the plate.

It's a bit like conducting an orchestra with several things going on at once! Just practice before you do try it in front of guests.

Or. . . you can of course use it to fry bacon, mushrooms, sausages, tomatoes and frying eggs!

Other than the teppanyaki experience at home you can of course take this out into the garden or this would be perfect for a caravan, beach or even . . . .down at the allotment!

This is a very good teppanyaki electric style grill. It may be light and portable but is no lightweight in use. It does get very very hot and so great care should be taken during use!

Highly recommended to wannabe chefs and foodies! Tanoshimu :)

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OneConcept Shogun XXL Teppanyaki Non-Stick Electric Grill 1800W

  • Extra-long Teppanyaki multi-grill

  • Japanese style – for traditional cooking of meat, fish and vegetables
  • 1800W max. power
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