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NUMAN Octavox 703 - 2-Way Center Speaker 150W Black

The NUMAN Octavox speakers come in the shape of an octagon, the ancient symbol of perfection, and they are truly in the vein of their design: they commit themselves to perfection in their build and sound quality.

The two-way system of the OCTAVOX's all-out design, made in Berlin, distinguishes itself through high-quality components and particularly sturdy housing. The result: well-balanced, detail-rich sound and a distinctive appearance.


Experience your media on a new level and achieve captivating sound: the NUMAN Octavox 703 Center Speaker was developed specifically for music and film lovers and features dynamic and authentic audio playback. In order to achieve maximum transparency and clarity, the speaker is equipped with high-quality magnets which perfect the speaker's impulse behaviour. The stylish NUMAN Octavox 703 Center Speaker also shines when it comes to dynamics, detail richness and faithful sound reproduction; in addition, it offers crystal clear speech playback. Voices sound vivid and direct, and a homogeneous sound is created.


You notice the most significant innovation right away: the newly developed WaveGuides optimise the speaker's dispersion performance by having a brilliant, integrated fabric tweeter in the baffle. It's a neat touch that also enables exact localisation sharpness and maximum efficiency. Rounding things out is the practical NUMAN connection terminal, featuring connections for speaker cables and banana plugs.


The Octavox speakers celebrate a new sound culture in all types of music. They live up to their high standards of sound quality whilst putting their variability to the test: as your set-up's main audio source, the NUMAN Octavox Center Speaker is compatible with most speaker systems.

Since all of the NUMAX Octavox speakers are perfectly compatible with each other, we recommend a pair of Octavox 701 Floor Speakers and a pair of Octavox 702 Bookshelf Speakers in addition to the center speaker in order to reach full surround sound potential in your home theatre.

The NUMAN Octavox Center Speaker is available in black and white.

Product details


  • Computer-optimised housing with mounted baffle in the characteristic, octagonal OCTAVOX design
  • Real 2-way system equipped with high-quality frequency crossover
  • Innovative fabric tweeter with integrated NUMAN Octavox WaveGuide: designed for clearly defined sound playback in terms of crossover frequency and maximum efficiency
  • Excellent mid-bass driver with powerful magnets and a membrane made of modern fibreglass for deep, powerful bass and detail-rich, vibrant mid-range frequencies
  • Maximum reinforced housing: resonance reduced to a minimum
  • Sturdy metal connector panel
  • Removable textile cover to protect the speaker chassis from dust and damages


  • Speaker including cover
  • NUMAN textile cover
  • Pair of NUMAN textile gloves
  • Rubber feet
  • User manual (English, German)



  • Dimensions (one speaker without rubber feet): 42 x 17 x 16.6 cm (WxHxD)
  • Weight (per speaker): approx. 5.8 kg


  • Frequency response: 100 Hz - 20 kHz +/- 3 dB
  • Continuous power: 100 W
  • Peak power: 150 W
  • Nominal impedance: 4 Ohms

Operating instructions

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of Chris reviewed on 12/08/2016

I feel obliged to leave a review for this seeing as I would think at least one other person will go through the same as me. I was very hesitant about buying this speaker for my system as I couldn't seem to find any reviews or tests online anywhere (not for lack of trying) so after looking for a similarly priced model with similar features and failing I thought why not just take a risk on it? Well I'm glad I did, not only did it arrive fast from another country it completely out performs the 2-way centre speaker I had been using! To further explain I have a pretty powerful setup in my living room and the centre channel was struggling to provide clear (and loud for that matter) vocals during films/game play. That is no longer an issue and I didn't even need to calibrate it, it keeps up with the towers that are sitting either side of it and provides punchy and clear vocals. Only had it for a couple days but I've been so impressed with this I had to leave a review. Just one thing to be aware of, this thing is large! It's half as long as my towers speakers are tall and barely fits in my stand but its so worth it. Overall, at this price point you're not going to do much better that this! So happy with it!

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NUMAN Octavox 703 - 2-Way Center Speaker 150W Black

  • Real 2-way system equipped with high-quality frequency crossover
  • Innovative fabric tweeter with integrated NUMAN Octavox WaveGuide
  • Excellent mid-bass driver with powerful magnets and a membrane made of modern fibreglass
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