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Meinl “Make your own Bongo Cajon” Assembly Kit

Meinl Bongo Cajon assembly kit made from high-quality birch wood. Uncomplicated assembly thanks to detailed guide supplied.

The Cajon kit from Meinl combines the fascination and fun of putting together and creating your very own instrument, as well as the ability to play the first Bongo Cajon in the world. Meinl have delivered a high-quality birch wood that is known for the dry Cajon sound and is right at home in the world of acoustic music. The advantage of this Meinl kit is that you can tailor the colour your percussion instrument to your own desires. You can choose from oil, lacquer, wax or any colour and let your creativity run wild.

This instrument is perfect for both professionals and beginners looking to explore and develop their rhythmic feel. Thanks to the individual design of this percussion instrument, you can vary the sounds created by the Cajon box.

With the Cajon, that is placed on its narrow side, is sat on by the player, the percussionist has the top of the box, i.e. the front side, between their legs. High tones can be played on the uppermost edge of the box, while bass tones are played lower on the front side. Most Cajoneros dampen the front side with their heel to modulate the higher tones. Cajones deliver a very interesting sound that stems from the body material, size and playing surface. In addition, this large Cajon delivers a very low bass tone below its fundamental resonant frequencies. With the relevant dimensioning of the sound hole, this bass tone can be very powerful.

Product details


  • Top brand
  • Individual Bongo Cajon kit
  • High-quality birch wood
  • Step-by-step assembly guide


  • 1 x Cajon assembly kit
  • User manual (English, German, French, Italian and Spanish)


  • 41 x 18 x 17cm (W x H x D)
  • Weight: 1.5kg


  • High and low tones
  • Bass effect
  • Opportunity for individual tailoring
  • Unique, individual choice of finish

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Meinl “Make your own Bongo Cajon” Assembly Kit

  • Top brand

  • Individual Bongo Cajon kit
  • High-quality birch wood
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