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Lightcraft Yard Guard Solar Outdoor Lamp Motion Detector 60 LED 4500mAh Metal

Glowing solar outdoor lamp with bright 220 lux for illuminating house doors, gardens, garage entrances or courtyards at night.

Straightforward installation without mains power supply thanks to a separate 9 V / 1.2 W solar panel, integrated 6 V / 4500 mAh battery and 5 m connecting cable

60 neutral white LEDs in two light levels with vertically rotatable motion detector with a range of more than 5 m and 90 - 120°.

The trip hazard of unlit gardens and courtyards or the nightly searching for the key hole on the front door comes to an end with the Lightcraft Yard Guard Solar Outdoor Lamp. The lamp lights up any desired outdoor area with 60 LEDs that give off a white light of one to 220 lumens.

The installation of the Lightcraft Yard Guard Outdoor Lamp is easy and quickly completed. The LED lamp is installed without mains power supply thanks to its 16 x 13 cm solar panel. Switched on once, it tirelessly remains at your service. Through normal sun light the 6 V / 4500 mAh Ni-MH battery charges to be ready for its night lamp duties. Two running modes can be chosen. When the Yard Guard is set to 'On' it functions as a regular lamp with maximum lighting. If you switch it to 'Auto' it works in security light mode, during which the outdoor lamp switches itself on when the surrounding light is reduced. As soon as the integrated sensor notices motion, the lamp shines with its full capacity of 220 lumens.

To adapt the Auto mode to your particular surroundings the Lightcraft Yard Guard Solar Light also offers three stepless rotary control switches. Here the light sensitivity (LUX), lighting duration (TIME), as well as motion sensor range (SENS) can be set to fit your needs. The light sensitivity controls the dusk level at which the outdoor light switches itself on respectively off. The lighting duration can be set to between 8 seconds and 2 minutes, and controls how long the lamp stays on after registering motion. With the motion sensor range you can choose up to which distance (max. 5 m) the lamp should react to movements.

The Lightcraft Yard Guard Solar Outdoor Light is installed on a rotatable metal holder and helps during for example carport parking or to deter nightly intruders. The solar part is very flexible and can be installed to catch optimum sunlight thanks to its 5 m connecting cable and a 90° panning base.

Product details


  • Bright glowing solar outdoor lamp to illuminate your garden, courtyard, entrance or driveway
  • 60 white LEDs with up to 220 lumens illuminating power
  • Independent of mains power supply through separate 16 x 13 cm solar panel with 9 V / 1.2 W and integrated 6 V / 4500 mAh battery
  • Permanent night light in lowered dusk mode
  • PIR motion detector with 90-120° field of view and up to 5 metre range activates the bright mode


  • 1 x lamp with sensor
  • 1 x solar panel
  • 1 x fastening material
  • 1 x instruction manual in English (also included: German)


  • Outdoor lamp dimensions: approx. 14 x 28 x 10 cm (WxHxD)
  • Solar part dimensions: approx. 19 x 20 x 4 cm (WxHxD)
  • Outdoor lamp weight: approx. 510 g
  • Solar part weight: approx. 360 g


  • On/off switch on bottom of the outdoor light
  • Luminous colour: neutral white
  • Dusk sensor: lamp switches itself on/off based on increasing/decreasing surrounding light
  • Two modes: On / Auto
  • On mode: continuous lighting with maximum light effect
  • Auto mode: dusk function with turned up lighting when motion is detected
  • Individual adaptation of the Auto mode with 3 stepless controllers (on the bottom of the motion sensor): LUX, TIME, SENS
  • LUX: degree of dusk at which the lamp switches itself on/off
  • TIME: 8 secs up to 2 min strong lighting
  • SENS: range of motion detector up to maximum 5 metres
  • Protection class IP64 (dustproof, protection against splashes on all sides)
  • Wall installation on rotatable metal holder (includes fastening material)
  • Free placement and optimal orientation of the solar panel thanks to a 5-metre cable and 90° panning  base
  • Housing made of robust and lightweight aluminium alloy
  • Electric power supply: 9 V / 1.2 W solar panel and 6 V / 4500 mAh (5 x 900 mAh) Ni-MH battery

Operating instructions

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of Barbara reviewed on 06/04/2016

A sturdy and well-constructed security lamp that will be virtually maintenance-free (except for wiping the solar panel clean when needed) and certainly cost-free. An excellent solution for us as our existing wired-in lamp is so old that, apparently, replacement bulbs are impossible to find. Extremely easy to install, with the 6 screws provided. The hardest part about the installation was deciding on the optimum location for the solar panel, ideally due south and a couple of metres off the ground. We placed this light on a wall facing south-east and it seems to be a good location. The sensor is very sensitive and reliably turns the light on, detecting movement up to the maximum 5 metres away (our choice). Lots of adjustment options, both in the physical orientation of the solar captor, light beam and motion sensor, and in the sensitivity levels (detection distance, illumination duration and dusk level). The 5 m long cable connecting the solar panel to the lamp unit allows installation almost anywhere. Without the fuss and expense of getting an electrician in, you can have a fully adjustable, bright security lamp ready to work out of the box.

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Lightcraft Yard Guard Solar Outdoor Lamp Motion Detector 60 LED 4500mAh Metal

  • 60 white LEDs with up to 220 lumens
  • 16 x 13 cm solar panel with 9 V / 1.2 W and 6 V / 4500 mAh battery
  • PIR motion detector: 90-120° field of view, 5 m range
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