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LCD TFT Monitors

Turn your vehicle into an entertainment centre with a car monitor. Enjoy your movies on the go with in-car video screens!

A car monitor can be built into or mounted onto a headrest or held by hand. A monitor car screen often comes as a pair, one with a built-in portable DVD player, and the other can be connected to view the video as well. Screens sold as pairs are usually called twin screen or dual screen. Car monitors can also be installed individually, often in a built-in headrest display, in-dash head unit with monitor, or handheld units that come with straps and can be stand or headrest mounted. When choosing a car monitor, you have to decide on the cost and use of the device. The cost of a new monitor car display screen has dropped drastically in the past years, as more and more competition makes its way onto the UK and European market. Whether shopping for fitness equipment or PA speakers, online comparison shopping has never been so easy. Powerful search engines and shopping comparison sites make your deal-hunting a little bit easier. A car monitor allows everyone to enjoy the action and fight boredom on the road. Usually there’s a primary DVD player with an LCD screen, then a second monitor car display can be added for additional viewers. Video for vehicle use can either be handheld and portable DVD players and screens, or a built-in monitor for car (such as headrest video displays). When purchasing a new car monitor, it always makes sense to comparison shop first and make sure you’re getting the best possible price. Usually you will want to install twin monitors to ensure that everyone can get a piece of the entertainment. Handheld, portable devices are the most flexible, however many can be mounted to a headrest to replicated the true in-car monitor experience.