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Klarstein Kitchenesse Kitchen Accessories Shredder Juicer Attachment

Shredder and juicer extensions for the Kitchenesse food processor.

Extensive set of blades for different cuts.

Affordable and space-saving alternative to an additional kitchen appliance.

Expand your Klarstein Kitchenesse food processor with an extensive set of accessories including various shredders and a juicer. Add many features to your food processor easily, saving yourself time and effort. The Kitchenesse shredder features 0.5L capacity and comes with a 4-piece blade set. Easily chop herbs or onions into small pieces, cut cucumber into into thin slices, shred carrots or snip beans. A filler neck allows you to continuously feed more ingredients to the shredder during operation. The matching pusher ensures that all end pieces find their way to the blade — gone are the days when you spent hours with your kitchen grater only to end up with tired arms and bloody fingers. A special feature is the two-piece design of the plunger: the smaller filler neck allows you to add ingredients (carrots, for example) perpendicularly to the shredder to achieve an even cut.

An invaluable helper is the shredder’s juicer attachment. No more annoying pressing or squeezing of lemons and oranges to get to their juices — thanks to the Klarstein Kitchenesse, fresh orange juice is no longer a time-consuming and sweaty affair.

Both extensions have built-in safety mechanisms that prevent the device from being operated when the lid of the shredder is open or there is no pressure exerted on the juicer.

The Kitchenesse shredder and juicer attachments are suitable for all Klarstein Kitchenesse food processors with article numbers 10027888, 10027889, 10027890 and 10027903.

Product details


  • Shredder extension for Klarstein Kitchenesse kitchen machine / food processor
  • 0.5L capacity
  • Juicer attachment for enjoying uncomplicated, fresh juices


  • 1 x 0.5L shredder vessel
  • 1 x lid
  • 3 x cutting discs
  • 1 x chopping insert
  • 1 x juicer attachment
  • 1 x juicer sieve
  • 1 x English user manual (other languages: German)


  • 17 x 22 x 15cm (WxHxD chopper with lid)
  • 17 x 18 x 15cm (WxHxD juicer)
  • Weight: 0.8 kg


  • Easy expansion with patented clutch
  • Inexpensive and space saving
  • 4 different blades for shredding, cutting discs, slicing and chopping
  • Cover with tube and 2-piece food pusher for filling as you work

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Klarstein Kitchenesse Kitchen Accessories Shredder Juicer Attachment

  • Shredder extension for Klarstein Kitchenesse 
  • 0.5L capacity
  • Juicer attachment for enjoying uncomplicated, fresh juices
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