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Klarstein Foodlocker Vertical Vacuum and Heat Sealer Black 100 W

Seal a wide variety of foods in air-tight bags with this vertical vacuum sealer and double or triple their shelf life.

Vacuum and heat seal up to -0.8 bar or 10 L of suction per minute up to a width of 28.5 cm; includes gentle function for pressure-sensitive foods.

Includes 5 high-quality vacuum bags and one roll of vacuum material which you can cut into pieces. Perfectly suited for preparing foods via the sous-vide cooking method.

Preserving and cooking foods while still keeping them vitamin-packed has never been so easy!

The Klarstein Foodlocker is a compact vacuum sealer which seals marinated grilled meats, fresh herbs, sauces, spices or even entire meals air-tightly in bags. Sealed food keeps for longer while retaining nutrients and is protected from freezer burn while in the freezer, giving it up to three times its normal shelf life. It also takes up less space in the freezer and can be microwaved in a flash, saving you time and money. The Foodlocker proves itself as a valuable cooking helper as well, enabling cooking via the sous-vide method, bringing you especially tender and juicy meat and aromatic and firm vegetables and fish.

The Klarstein Foodlocker seals with a suction power of up to -0.8 bar and a suction speed of 10 L per minute, easily activated by the press of a button. Fruits, liquids and herbs can be vacuum sealed using the gentle function, so they are packed with more care. The stop button allows you to interrupt the vacuum process at any time so you can, for example, adjust or smooth out the bag before continuing. Furthermore, the heat sealing time for liquids and moist food is increased to ensure the bags are sealed properly and tightly.

Of course, this vacuum sealer doesn't only seal food: it can also help with long-term, space-saving packing of items such as clothes. This practical method removes the air from packages of clothes and thus reduces their volume. All functions can be easily accessed via the touch control panel on the top side of the vacuum sealer and LED function indicators show which settings have been selected.

To get you started quickly, the vacuum sealer comes with five 26 x 18 cm vacuum bags as well as a roll of vacuum material which you can cut yourself to make your own bags. The personally cut bags can be used the same as the five included. The Foodlocker can heat seal plastic material up to 28.5 cm wide and can also be used to laminate. The included vacuum material is tear-resistant and boil-proof (in a water bath at 100° C for up to 4 hours), microwave-safe (cut a corner to allow steam to escape) and can also be used in the freezer.

Thanks to its vertical design, the Klarstein Foodlocker vacuum sealer takes up little space and can still be used in crowded kitchens. In addition to blending well with different modern and classic looks in kitchens and offices, its stylish housing is also durable and easy to clean.

Available colours: black, white (item no.: 10029339)

Product details


  • High-quality vacuum sealer for vacuum sealing food in bags
  • Foil heat sealer: heat seals plastic material up to 28.5 cm wide
  • Suitable for sous-vide cooking: delicate and aromatic food
  • Space-saving packaging: reduces volume of fabrics by removing air when vacuum packing
  • User-friendly control panel with function indicators
  • Gentle function for sealing pressure-sensitive food
  • Includes 5 vacuum bags (26 x 18 cm) and one roll of easy-to-cut vacuum material


  • 1 x vacuum sealer
  • 5 x vacuum bags
  • 1 x roll of vacuum material
  • User manual (English, German)


  • Vacuum sealer dimensions: approx. 44.5 x 15 x 9 cm (WxHxD)
  • Vacuum bag dimensions at full capacity: approx. 26 x 18 cm (LxW)
  • Weight: approx. 1600 g
  • Cord length: approx. 1.00 m


  • Maximum negative pressure: approx. -0.8 bar
  • Suction speed: approx 10 L per minute
  • 2.5 mm wide welding seam
  • Power: 110 W
  • Variable sealing time: longer heat sealing times for liquids and moist foods
  • Receptacle for aspirated liquids during sealing process
  • Separate sealing function for heat sealing plastics, for example laminating
  • Heat sealing up to 28.5 cm wide
  • Stop button to interrupt the vacuum process
  • Plastic housing
  • Cable recoil on bottom
  • Power supply: 220 - 240V, 50 Hz

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Klarstein Foodlocker Vertical Vacuum and Heat Sealer Black 100 W

  • Vacuum sealer for vacuum sealing food in bags
  • Heat seals plastic material up to 28.5 cm wide
  • User-friendly control panel
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