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Klarstein 'Cleanfriend' Robot Vacuum Cleaner - Red

Cleanfriend Red from Klarstein – the amazing vacuum cleaning robot!

Powerful, intelligent, and practical. You'll wonder how you ever lived without one!

Klarstein's Cleanfriend is part of whole new generation of cleaning technology.

Don't have time to keep your floors the way you like them? The Cleanfriend robotic vacuum cleaner will take care of it! This vacuum cleaning wondermoves quietly and intelligently through your living space, leaving your floor clean and dust free.

Thanks to the 'off-road' motion system, compact construction, and outer brushes, it can go virtually anywhere you need it to. At the end of its clean, it returns back to the battery charging cradle!A great way to keep your living space looking flawless, without losing any of the free time you deserve!

Product details


  • Independent connection & disconnecton from charging base
  • Change settings or turn on/off without fuss via remote control
  • Intelligent space recognition (won't fall off balconies, attempt to move through walls, etc)
  • Suitable for various surfaces - small rugs, tiles, hard floors, wood floors
  • Powerful, long life rechargeable battery
  • Includes barrier unit – creates an electrical field that the cleaner will not pass, e.g. for preventing it from entering an open door
  • Complete brush set including side brush for full room coverage
  • Compact dimensions -a unit that fits anywhere and goes everywhere!
  • No need for for vacuum bags
  • Operates quietly


  • Robot vacuum cleaner unit
  • Battery
  • Battery loading cradle
  • Power pack
  • Barrier unit
  • Remote control
  • Brush set
  • Filter
  • Instruction manual


  • Diameter: 34cm
  • Height: 10 cm
  • Weight: approx. 3kg


  • Easy to clean/empty
  • 5 different operational modes
  • Spot mode: cleans in an approx. 1 meter circle – ideal for problem spots
  • Clean mode: 30 minute operation – perfect for smaller areas
  • Max mode: cleans until battery dies – great for large spaces
  • Timing mode: program the starting time for a 60min cleaning process
  • Full-go mode: vacuum starts cleaning each time the battery reaches full

Operating instructions

What our customers think

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of Lauren reviewed on 03/09/2012

We have laminate flooring which forever seems to attract dust and bits. This bothered me a lot and I was frequently running my normal vacuum around. So I decided to order a "Cleanfriend". I really didn't know if it would be any good as I'd had no experience with these machines.

It had a little bit of charge in it straight out the box so I was able to switch it on right away. It's intuitive to use and it just works! It whizzes around, not overly loudly like a normal vacuum, and bits just disappear underneath it leaving a spotless floor!! I let it run around several times a day and the floor stays much cleaner now. If it encounters a doormat it reverses itself off. If it gets wedged under a low chair you may need to help it out! When it encounters walls etc it bumps into them and changes direction.

It lasts about 4+ days (in our small rooms) before needing a charge. It gets slower as the battery gets used up, then a red light on the robot comes on and he stops. Charging time is approx. 8 hours, but the green light on the robot stops blinking to let you know when it's fully charged anyway. I haven't used the battery charging cradle yet, I just plug it directly into the charger (which needs an EU to UK power adaptor). Luckily my electric toothbrush two-pin plug adaptor fits with this charger.

To empty the collection tray, just look for the button marked "Press", then pull out the tray. The underneath of the robot will also need wiping and check the brushes for accumulation of muck as well.

The other day I dabbled with the remote control that comes with it (needs two AAA batteries) and you can make it go Forward, Back, Left and Right if you want to control its path through a messy room, or want it to quickly do just one part of a room.

The red colour is very smart too!

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of jim reviewed on 25/02/2011

Very good - cleans pretty well but occassionally needs a kick so can't be left alone.

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of Pete reviewed on 22/07/2010

Arrived on time and it worked better than the IRobot roomba cleaner I have.
The colour is great and overall I am very impressed.
One small negative is there was no euro to UK adapter in the box but apart from that everything else was there.

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Klarstein 'Cleanfriend' Robot Vacuum Cleaner - Red

  • Long life rechargeable battery
  • No need for bags
  • Suitable for carpet, tiles & laminate
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