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Klarstein Black Blizzard 2G Stand Fan 16" Oscillation Round Base Black

Air circulating stand fan with 40.6cm (16") rotor blade, 3 speed settings and optional swivel function.

Fan head tilts vertically by 45 °.

Improved design with round base for firm footing.

As soon as summer approaches and the days get longer and warmer, the downside of hot weather becomes apparent: the workplace threatens to turn into a stuffy greenhouse and the four walls of the office turn it into an oven. As soon as you feel the first bead of sweat on your forehead, you long for a gentle cooling breeze.

Find your salvation in the Klarstein Black Blizzard stand fan. The nearly 41cm large rotor brings a welcome air flow thanks to the high-powered motor, ensuring the eagerly awaited cooling with ease. In three speeds, the device scoops the stale air out of stagnation and swirls it around the room to bring a freeing air flow to the skin. Depending on your needs, the fan blows with a steady and quiet touch, or unleashes a strong, cooling wind. The switchable oscillation function swings the fan back and forth at a 90 degree angle, guaranteeing that fresh air is carried into every corner of your room. In addition, you can tilt the rotor at an angle of 45 degrees to generate indirect air currents from the floor or ceiling and ensure optimal ventilation.

To meet the highest standards of quality, Klarstein has improved the design of the Black Blizzard 2G and equipped the model with a circular base, providing a firm footing even in high winds.

Please note that the article is delivered as an assembly kit. Installation may be completed within 10 minutes, even for those with a lower technical skill level. Only a screwdriver is required.

Available colours and versions: black, white (item 10028196), white + remote control (10028198), black + remote control (item 10028197).

Product details


  • 40.6cm (16'') stand fan
  • 50W power
  • 3 speed levels
  • Swivel function switches on and off
  • Improved design: round base for added stability


  • 1 x device (assembly kit)
  • 1 x English user manual (other languages: German)


  • 60 x 137 x 60cm (WxHxD)
  • Weight: about 2.7kg


  • Switchable oscillation: 90 ° horizontal swivel range
  • Fan head tilts by 45 °
  • Off switch
  • Power supply: 230V, 50Hz

Operating instructions

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Klarstein Black Blizzard 2G Stand Fan 16" Oscillation Round Base Black

  • 16'' stand fan
  • 50W power
  • 3 speed levels
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