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Klarfit Ultimate Gym 5000 Multi-Gym Weight Station

Ultimate Fitness Station for professional home-training of torso, arm and leg muscles.

Suitable for over 50 joint-force exercises for arms, legs, back, shoulders, chest and abdomen.

Robust tubular frame with cables and adjustable weights.

The Ultimate Gym 5000 from Klarfit is a reliable power-training station that takes your daily training regime and transforms it to make the exercises more gentle on your joints.
The sturdy comfortably padded frame offers more than 50 exercises for the entire body. The device thus provides a lot of different opportunities to harden your body in your private gym. The smooth-running cables ensure both smooth movement and optimum power transmission. To adjust the intensity to your individual needs, the optimal training weight can be adjusted, using a socket pin placement, in small increments of 6 kg.
From the central seat you have access to the butterfly module, which can also be used to bench press for chest and shoulder training, the leg extension device for the front leg muscles and the wide upper pull rod for biceps, triceps, lat and back Exercises.
The cable is suitable for biceps, triceps and back exercises while standing. The seated rowing exercise is for shoulders, back and arms. It can also be used for leg pulling exercises, if the included leg strap is attached. The leg curl device uses the back for the rear leg section and buttocks.
On the right hand side there is an oblique crunch bench for abdominal exercises as well as a support module for leg lifting exercises and continuous support exercises. The ground-support device on the left is optimal for different push-up variations.
The backrest and seat cushions are covered in easy to clean faux leather and can be easily wiped off with a towel after training.

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Product details


  • Multifunctional fitness station for over 50 different exercises
  • Small step weight adjustment via. locking pins
  • Sturdy tubular frame
  • Smooth-cables
  • Easy to clean backrest cushions
  • Two 1.5kg dumbbells included


  • 1 x Multi-part tubular frame
  • 12 x Pulley wheels
  • 3 x Steel cables
  • 1 x Main weight plate
  • 9 x Lower weight plate
  • 7 x Different cushion bodies
  • 8 x Different handles.
  • 12 x Different rod upholstery
  • 1 x Leg loop
  • 2 x Dumbbell
  • 1 x Multi-part assembly kit
  • English manual (other languages​​: German)


  • Dimensions: Approx. 235 x 214 x 165 cm (WxHxD)
  • Weight: about 134,5 kg


  • Device, for example, can be used for: butterfly, chest press, arm-over-head strain, arm-behind-head strain, rowing, leg curling, tighten double hamstrings, crunch bench, pushups, arm rests, knee pulls, biceps while standing, standing triceps, various dumbbell exercises and much more.
  • 9 weight plates of 6 kg weight (maximum weight: 58,5 kg)
  • Cables: Steel cables with plastic coating

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Klarfit Ultimate Gym 5000 Multi-Gym Weight Station

  • Multifunctional fitness station for over 50 different exercises
  • Small step weight adjustment via. locking pins
  • Sturdy tubular frame
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