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GEOMAG SUPERMAG Magnetix Magnet Panels Colour 184 pcs

Geomag Colour 184 Magnet Set Brain Training Toy

The Geomag 184 is a versatile magnetic play kit which features 120 equal length plastic cased metal sticks and 64 nickel plated steel ball bearings, to build geometric sculptures! Great fun!

Promote learning while playing with active learning and understanding.

Playing with GEOMAG helps manual dexterity, trains spatial ability and invigorates creativity, concentration and logical perception. Magnetism, geometry, physics and mathematics are all absorbed while playing.

GEOMAG bridges play and learning for endless possibilities and endless fascination.

Ideal for journeys and home play.

Suitable for children aged 3 years plus.

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GEOMAG SUPERMAG Magnetix Magnet Panels Colour 184 pcs

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