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Freeview / DVB-T

We’ve got deals here if you’re looking for a Freeview box, a Freeview recorder, or other television accessories. We’ve got a really great selection, including HD ready and HD Freeview boxes, digital TV recorders, and indoor and outdoor Freeview aerials. Freeview is the name of free DVB-T programming that airs in the UK, called Digital Terrestrial Television. There are 5 channels that jointly run the service, including BBC, Channel 4 and Sky. It has been operating since 2002, and more recently Freeview HD has been available since 2009. If you have an older analogue television, you’ll need a digital set-top box to receive Freeview. On 2009 there was a Freeview retune that meant that thousands of people’s Freeview equipment stopped working. Perhaps that’s precisely the reason that today you are shopping here today for a cheap Freeview box. Never miss another show again, do yourself a favour and also purchase a Freeview recorder while you’re at it. Gone are the days when you had to make a choice between 2 programs – now you can watch both! According to a 2010 study, 77% of the UK’s population can receive the free-to-air service… are you one of them? To receive Freeview services, you need first a Freeview box (if your LCD TV doesn’t have an integrated tuner) and a Freeview aerial to pick up the DVB-T signal. Secondly, if you would like to have the ability to record shows and movies to watch later, you’ll need to get yourself a Freeview recorder. Buy a Freeview box with us and rest assured of the great quality and service that you will receive.