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Easy Rain Barrel Pump Submersible Sewage Pump 350W 5200 l / h

Powerful submersible pump for delivering up to 5200 litres of water per hour from rain barrels or cisterns.

Maximum immersion depth 7m, maximum lift to 11m, dry-running protection by float switch.

Ideal for economical irrigation systems with 10m-long power cable and barrel edge suspension.

With the Easy Rain barrel pump from watering the garden becomes a sparkling pleasure. With rising water prices, the summer irrigation of gardens, lawns and potted plants has become a costly affair. No wonder that more and more amateur gardeners revert to the use of collected rainwater, which also helps conserve limited fresh water supplies. Unfortunately, the use of rain water can also present difficulties: you have to heave out a barrel and then carry a heavy watering can around the garden. This is not only cumbersome, but also tiring - especially if you have to water plants several times a day in the summer heat. But the submersible Easy Rain pump gives you the perfect solution: instead of toiling and hauling water around, simply hang the pump in the water barrel, connect it to the garden hose and let the water flow!

The powerful 350W motor can pump to 5200 litres of water per hour from rain barrels or cisterns. This handy device can be submerged up to 7m deep and has a maximum lift of 11m - enough performance to bring cool waters to the surface even from collection tanks deep under the ground. A height-adjustable float switch helps to boost even low water levels, while at the same time preventing the pump from running dry - as soon as the switch is no longer floating, the device turns off. A built-in filter prevents particles larger than 3mm from being sucked into the pump. This also makes the Easy Rain ideal as a dirty water pump, which does not run the risk of allowing sunken leaves and silt to get into the rain barrel.

A three-piece metre-long riser further increases the convenience with a hook, with which the rain barrel pump can be hooked on the edge of the water barrel. The riser ends in a flexible hose piece with a connection for a 3/4” water hose, ensuring the best output. A suitable adapter ensures the use of other hose strengths without a problem. The Easy Rain submersible pump is, of course, in the IPX8 protection class and has a 10-metre power cord, so that you can reach rain barrels further away and at the maximum depth of the pump.

Product details


  • 350W powerful submersible pump for rain barrels or cisterns
  • Delivers up to 5200 litres of water per hour
  • Maximum depth: 7m
  • Maximum lift: 11m


  • 1 x unit
  • 1 x riser barrel edge suspension
  • 1 x middle riser
  • 1 x bottom riser
  • 1 x English user manual (other languages: German)


  • Dimensions device: 15 x 29 x 22 cm (WxHxD)
  • Length riser: 1 m
  • Weight: about 4.2 kg


  • Height-adjustable float switch for protection against dry running
  • Suitable for connecting a 3/4" water hose
  • 3-part, 1m long, rigid riser with flexible tail
  • Also suitable for dirty water, filters particles> 3mm
  • Corresponds to IPX8 (protected against permanent immersion in water)
  • Cable length: 10m
  • Suitable for water temperatures up to max. 35 ° C
  • Overheating protection: pump switches off automatically when overheating
  • On / off switch by connecting to mains
  • Power supply: 220-240V / 50Hz (mains voltage)

Operating instructions

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Easy Rain Barrel Pump Submersible Sewage Pump 350W 5200 l / h

  • Submersible pump for rain barrels or cisterns
  • 5200 litres of water per hour
  • Maximum depth: 7m
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