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DuraMaxx St. Oberholz Air Purifier Ionizer 100m² Blue-Silver

Ultra compact ionizer with integrated fan for eliminating unpleasant smells - ideal for allergy sufferers or smoking households. Suitable for areas up to 100 m². Small footprint, quiet operation and low power consumption.

You can now effectively and effortlessly fight food odors, cigarette smoke, house dust and more. For when the air we breathe is clean, you simply feel more comfortable. Performance increases, you feel less tired and also more focused.
To pull this off, DuraMaxx presents the St. Oberholz; a compact and powerful home appliance, which fully covers that desire for cleaner, purer air. Plug one end of the air cleaner into the socket and it will immediately and reliably get to work. The purifier works around the clock with just a pleasant, quiet level of background noise.

The ionizer 'invites' the air by producing negative ions which attract particles of dust. These dust particles are heavier, and so sink to the ground where they can be easily picked up with a vacuum cleaner or damp cloth. The device reduces dust and particulate matter in an effective manner, thereby contributing to a hypoallergenic environment.

The integrated mesh filter can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner and some water, thus ensuring long-lasting, clean air. The filter cover is easy to remove and change too.
The St. Oberholz ionizer from DuraMaxx is ideally suited for the bathroom; the office or the kitchen as well as living rooms, bedrooms and children's rooms.

Product details


  • Ultra-compact ionizer with integrated fan
  • Purifies the air of dust, smoke, odors, viruses, fungi, bacteria and pollen
  • Increased well-being and increased performance
  • Suitable for surfaces of up to 100m²
  • Small footprint, low operating noise and low energy consumption


  • 1 x Device
  • 1 x Power Adapter
  • English manual (other languages​​: German)


  • 7 x 30.5 x 10cm (WxHxD)
  • Weight: about 411g


  • Integrated fan
  • Two modes of operation (ionizer, ionizer and fan)
  • Foolproof use
  • Status LEDs
  • Power supply: DC 12V 500mA (AC adapter included)

Operating instructions

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DuraMaxx St. Oberholz Air Purifier Ionizer 100m² Blue-Silver

  • Integrated fan
  • Purifies the air
  • Increases well-being and performance
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