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DuraMaxx Eden L Indoor Grow Tent - Yellow

Spacious Grow Tent for growing plants indoors. 120 x 200 x 120 cm, opaque tissue. Reflective inside coating for optimum light.

With the Eden Grow L Yellow, DuraMaxx presents this generously sized Grow Tent which can be set up in your own home regardless of climate or weather! The 1.44m2 floor area offers enough space for larger gardens: Depending on the species, the Grow Box can accommodate up to 36 seedlings.
What makes gardening with the DuraMaxx Grow Tent particularly effective is the internal coating of the textile jacket: It reflects the light it takes from grow lights, making them even more efficient. The plants are well shielded from outside light in the Grow Box too. The breed can thus be optimally planned: plants grow faster and stronger to bring regular moments of happiness to their gardeners.
Carbon filters and lamps can be fitted to the ceiling rods; special openings allow the installation of a professional ventilation systems, and a removable waterproof groundsheet, made ​​of strong foil, protects against unwanted moisture.

The two side zippered windows ensure easy access to the plants. Whether tomatoes or herbs: You will have your current grow-box-breeding always in view!

Product details


  • Grow Tent for growing plants in enclosed spaces
  • Frame bars of metal, plastic corner joints
  • 120 x 200 x 120 cm tall
  • Interior with reflective coating for optimum use of artificial light
  • Completely opaque shell
  • Access via front panel or via one of the two side windows
  • Means for mounting lamps, carbon filters, etc.


  • 16 frame tubes made of metal
  • 8 plastic brackets
  • Three ceiling rods
  • Textile jacket (210D)
  • Removable waterproof groundsheet
  • English manual (other languages: German)


  • 120 x 200 x 120 cm (WxHxD)
  • Weight: approximately 13.3 kg


  • Frame tubes (approx. 1.8 cm diameter pipe) made of metal, corner angles made from plastic
  • Coating made ​​of durable fabric (210D) with yellow zipper tapes
  • Removable waterproof groundsheet made ​​of strong foil
  • Opaque zippers, with back light protection
  • Seven adjustable Tubes (2 x max. 8cm diameter, 5 x max. 17.5 cm diameter)
  • Ventilation window with velcro
  • Two persons are required for the assembly (approx. 0.5 hours)!

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DuraMaxx Eden L Indoor Grow Tent - Yellow

  • 120 x 200 x 120 cm in size
  • Interior with reflective coating for optimum use of artificial light
  • Opaque shell
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