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DURAMAXX Water Wizard Flexible Garden Hose 8 Functions 30m Blue

Flexible garden hose with extremely low weight - no tangle, no wrinkles, no hose towing.

Hand shower with eight different spray options.

Improved Design: now with sturdy Metal Connector between Quick Connector and hose; compatible to Systems like Kärcher or Gardena.

With the DURAMAXX Water Wizard flexible garden hose, the days of annoying knotted, heavy or kinked garden hoses are over. The hose is lightweight and is made of a latex nylon combination developed by the aviation industry. As soon as it is pressurised, it expands to up to three times its length, about 30 metres. After use, the hose empties itself and the material stretches back to its original length and rolls up automatically. Bends and knots are impossible.

The flexible hose is delivered with a spray shower head which makes eight different settings for the water jet available - from a fine spray to a hard jet stream, there is something to meet the needs of any application.

The DURAMAXX flexible hose may be used with existing water systems. It includes a quick connector which is compatible with popular systems such as Gardena and Kärcher to connect your high-pressure cleaner or lawn sprinkler to the Water Wizard quickly and easily.

Available colours and lengths: blue 15m (item# 1007112), green 15m (item# 10027113), blue 22.5m (item# 10027114), green 22.5m (item#10027115), blue 30m (item# 10027116), green 30m (item# 10027117).

Additionaly the connection between quick connector an hose has been improved with a sturdy metal connection to avoid tearing of the hose.

Product details


  • Flexible garden hose that extends to 3 times its length
  • Self-wound, lightweight and no creasing
  • Includes an 8-function hand shower


  • 1 x hose
  • 1 x hand shower
  • 1 x faucet adapter (pre-assembled)
  • 1 x quick connector female (pre-assembled)


  • Hose length: max. 30 m
  • Tube diameter in / out: 6/9 mm
  • Weight: about 1.2kg


  • Self-emptying hose, no tedious dewatering after use
  • Final hose length depends on the water pressure, up to 30m
  • Includes fast-on connectors for connection to existing irrigation systems
  • Includes pre-installed faucet adapter
  • Ultralight latex nylon material used in aviation industry
  • Spray patterns: shower, mist, centre, flat, cone, soaker, full & angle
  • Improved connection between quick connector and hose with a sturdy metal connector

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of Barbara reviewed on 19/05/2015

This hose is pretty.  It is also extremely light.  The 30-foot (10 metres) model stretches to 100 feet (30 metres) in use.  The rubber hose is inside an expandable fabric sleeve and must be filled with water before using it.  I love to watch the hose come to life like a snake and stretch out until all the wrinkles have disappeared from the fabric sleeve. The nozzle offers eight different types of flow.  Switching from one to the other is easy and there is only minimal leakage from the connector.  Once your watering is finished, it is necessary to let the hose expel all the water before storing it. Lock the head open with the metal clip and turn off the water tap.  The hose will force all the water out and shrink back to its original wrinkly state. A dream to fold away, it does not twist, it can be coiled neatly and hung on the smallest holder as it is so lightweight.  Watering with it is a pleasure - no drag at all.  Perfect choice for a terrace, or a small garden.

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DURAMAXX Water Wizard Flexible Garden Hose 8 Functions 30m Blue

  • Flexible garden hose that extends to 3 times its length
  • Self-wound, lightweight and no creasing
  • Includes an 8-function hand shower
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