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DURAMAXX Water Wizard 30 Flexible Garden Hose 8 Features 30m Orange

Flexible garden hose with extremely low weight - no knotting, no wrinkles, no hose hauling.

Includes handheld shower head with eight different spray options.

Patented quick connector system with sturdy metal connectors; compatible with existing irrigation systems.

 Let the water flow! The DURAMAXX Water Wizard 30 garden hose turns small irrigation into an art, always going above and beyond the task. You won’t want to water your plants any other way.

The DURAMAXX Water Wizard 30 flexible hose makes irrigation a pure joy: no kinks, no tying and all in a super lightweight construction - as if watering plants takes care of itself. The two-ply tubing material expands to three times its length during use, reaching up to 30 metres in length. After use, it empties itself and shrinks back to its original length, rolling up automatically. The included handheld spray head offers 8 different jets from fine mist to hard jet, suitable for any application desired. For long-term use, the material is extremely tear-resistant nylon and the metal clamps between the hose and connectors are very sturdy. The connectors provided are compatible with all standard hose systems.

A giant made small: the DURAMAXX Water Wizard 30 water hose makes watering plants a delight.

Available colours and lengths: orange 30 m, orange 22.5 m (item 10029947), black 22.5 m (item 10029948), orange 15 m (item 10029949), black 15 m (item 10029950), black 30 m (item 10029952).

Product details


  • Flexible garden hose, extends to 3 times its length
  • Self-winding, light as a feather and does not kink
  • Includes 8-function hand shower
  • Two-ply nylon plastic material for high resistance to weathering and water pressure
  • Uncomplicated quick connector for easy connection to existing irrigation systems


  • 1 x hose
  • 1 x handheld spray head
  • 1 x faucet adapter (preassembled)
  • 1 x quick connector female (preassembled)


  • Hose length: max. 30 m
  • Tube diameter inside / outside: 6/9 mm
  • Weight: about 1300 g


  • Stable metal clamps for securing hose and quick connectors
  • Self-cleaning hose, no tedious draining after use
  • Final tube length depends on the water pressure, to 15 m
  • Includes pre-installed faucet adapter
  • Ultralight latex nylon material from aviation
  • Spray functions: Shower, Mist, Center, Flat, Cone, Soaker, Full & Angle

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DURAMAXX Water Wizard 30 Flexible Garden Hose 8 Features 30m Orange

  • Expands to 3 times its length
  • Self-winding, light as a feather, does not kink
  • Includes 8-function handheld spray head
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