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DURAMAXX Sweetwater Light Filter Pond Clarifier UV-C 80W 60,000l 0.3 Bar 2x36W

Powerful pond clarifier for killing algae in garden ponds or aquariums.

Suitable up to a pond volume of 60,000 litres at a maximum pump pressure of 0.3 bar and a flow rate of 6000 l / h.

Rugged, 85 cm long flow tube with two 36 W UV-C quartz tubes and four inlet and outlet openings with variable hose connections.

Does your garden pond or aquarium suffer from an intensive murkiness? The water is cloudy and you can’t see through it? The DURAMAXX Sweetwater light filter will help you take control of the algae colonisation. Through irradiation with ultraviolet light, you can destroy not only algae but also bacteria and other germs that cloud the water and can even be dangerous to the fish living in it. In just a short time, the murkiness of the water clears up and a healthy climate finds its way into the pond or aquarium.

With two strong 36W UV-C lights the pond clarifier irradiates the water flowing through, killing algae and bacteria. The DURAMAXX Sweetwater algae killer cleans ponds and aquariums, both indoors and outdoors, of up to 60,000 litres in size. To this end, the 85 cm long flow tube has four inlet and outlet openings that are connected as needed with your pond pump. For connection, there are four coupling hoses with different diameters available (40, 32.5, 26 & 20 mm), which may be shortened according to your individual needs. So that the UV-C lamps can operate at optimum efficiency, up to 6,000 litres of water may flow through the light filter per hour at 0.3 bar pressure.

Installation of the DURAMAXX Sweetwater UV filter is easy: with the two included fixing brackets, the stable tube made of impact-resistant plastic may be secured either by suction cup on the glass of the aquarium or bolted to the floor or wall. Both UV-C quartz tube lamps have their own power with cables 6 metres in length, which enables reduced operation with only one lamp when so desired and also allows high freedom in possible placement of the pond clarifier. Screw-in weights aid in the secure fastening of the cable.

Please note that the light filter only kills algae and bacteria. To remove algae from the water, a pond filter is also required.

Product details


  • Optical filters for killing algae, bacteria and germs by UV-C light
  • Cleans up to 60,000 litres (60 m³) of water from aquariums or ponds
  • Two UV-C quartz lamps with 36 W performance
  • Four inlets and outlets with variable hose couplings that may be shortened
  • Flow tube with 85 cm length for high exposure time with the water


  • 1 x pond clarifier
  • 4 x hose coupling
  • 4 x O-ring
  • 2 x cap
  • 1 x English user manual (other languages: German)


  • Dimensions: about 95 x 15 cm (LxØ)
  • Cable length (each): about 6.3 m
  • Weight: about 4.3 kg


  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors
  • Total power consumption: 80W
  • Max. flow per hour: 6000 l
  • Maximum water pressure at the flow rate: 0.3 bar
  • Stable housing made of impact-resistant plastic
  • Coupling suitable for hose diameter: 40 mm; 32.5 mm; 26 mm and 20 mm (1.5", 1.25"; 1" & 0.75")
  • Operating hours per light tube: 8000
  • Fixing rings with suction and drilling: for attachment to aquarium walls or for screwing
  • Separate power cable for each UV-C lamp
  • Power cord with screw-on weights
  • Power supply: 220-240 V ~ / 50-60 Hz

Operating instructions

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DURAMAXX Sweetwater Light Filter Pond Clarifier UV-C 80W 60,000l 0.3 Bar 2x36W

  • Cleans up to 60,000 litres (60 m³) of water
  • 2 UV-C quartz lamps with 36 W performance
  • Four inlets and outlets with variable hose couplings 
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