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DURAMAXX Sparkle Pearl Drip Hose 1/2" 100m Incl. Connections

Drip irrigation hose for targeted watering of plants and crops, saving up to 70% water

Completely ready for connection, installation either above or below ground.

Particularly suitable for underground irrigation of crops, such as cucumbers or tomatoes, which are best cast directly at the roots.

Water your garden, lawn or border plantings with the DURAMAXX Sparkle Pearl Hose and save both water and money. The secret: thousands of micropores along the entire length of the hose release the water drop by drop and bring it exactly where you have placed the hose. Thus, an economic, continuous and targeted irrigation is possible, saving up to 70% more water. The system works under low water pressure and may by laid both aboveground and underground. The hose is particularly well-suited for irrigation of trees, rows of hedges or any other plants which you wish to keep a fresh Spring green throughout the year. Alternatively, lay the hose underground to irrigate sensitive crops, such as cucumbers or tomatoes, at the root. Easily prevent sunburn on foliage or infestation with blight or mildew.

So that you can immediately get started, the Sparkle system is supplied ready for connection to a water supply with its water faucet adapter and quick connector. The latter is compatible with all major water systems such as Gardena or Kärcher. A built-in water stop ensures that you do not need additional parts for the hose.

Available lengths: 50m (item# 10027118), 100m (item# 10027119).

Product details


  • Water-saving irrigation duration, up to 70% water savings compared to conventional irrigation
  • Particularly suitable for irrigation of sensitive plants or for irrigation rows
  • Irrigation over the entire length of hose through micropores


  • 1 x pearl hose
  • 1 x quick connector 1/2" (pre-assembled)
  • 1 x faucet adapter 1/2" (pre-assembled)


  • Hose length: 100m
  • Tube diameter in / out: 12/16 mm
  • Weight: about 8.6 kg


  • Includes pre-installed 1/2" faucet adapter
  • Includes pre-installed 1/2" quick connector
  • Connector compatible with common irrigation systems
  • Hose can be shortened
  • Tube colour: black
  • Drip system works with low water pressure
  • Aboveground and underground installation
  • No earth erosion on slopes
  • No additional parts required thanks to water stop
  • Maximum water pressure: 15 bar (higher pressure may damage the hose)

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DURAMAXX Sparkle Pearl Drip Hose 1/2" 100m Incl. Connections

  • Water-saving duration irrigation system, up to 70% water savings
  • Suitable for watering delicate plants or row irrigation
  • Irrigation over the entire length of hose through micropores
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