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DURAMAXX Soros Coin Counter Coin Sorter Coin Counting Machine grey

Diligent coin counter to quickly determine the value of large amounts of coins, including showing the total value of the inserted coins.

Insert tray fits 300 to 500 coins, counts up to 216 coins per minute and sorts them according to value.

Adjustable counts for specific coin amounts, for example in preparing rolls of coins.

The DURAMAXX Soros Coin Counter counts and sorts chaotic euro piles for a quick and precise cash check or as preparation for rolls of large amounts of coins.

Gone are the days of manually counting and recounting cash contents because of one little miscount. Today the coins can simply be inputted into the insert tray of the DURAMAXX Soros Coin Sorter – up to 300 to 500 at a time, depending on size – and the sorting begins. In one minute the machine counts up to 216 coins, tallies up their value and sorts them in the eight respective collecting trays. Once finished, the digital display immediately shows the total value of the sorted coins. Foreign coins remain in the sorting machine and can easily be removed through a flap on the back, after the counting is complete.

To prepare rolls of coins the DURAMAXX Soros Coin Sorting Machine can be set to count to any set amount of coins. That means that the machine will sort until the set amount of coins are in each collecting tray. The coin counter is controlled with an easy-to-use 9-figure digital display with 6 keys. Here you can also find out how many of each coin has been counted, when using the free counting mode.

Aside from professional use the DURAMAXX Soros Coin Counter is also well-suited for use in clubs and associations – for example to count the cash register after an event.

Product details


  • Coin counter and sorting machine for quick and precise cashing up to the last cent including the total value of all counted coins
  • Counts and sorts up to 216 coins per minute
  • Two sorting modes: free counting or stacking mode
  • 9-figure digital display: 7 places before the decimal point and 2 decimal places
  • Insert tray with space for 300 to 500 coins (depending on size)


  • 1 x unit
  • 8 x collecting trays
  • User manual in English (also included: German, Italian, French, Spanish)


  • Device measurements: approx. 34 x 27 x 30 cm (WxHxD)
  • Weight: approx. 4.5 kg


  • On/off switch on the back of the device
  • Discharge flap on the back for foreign coins
  • Free counting mode: machine counts until all inputted coins have been sorted
  • Stacking mode: machine counts until every collecting tray contains a set amount of coins
  • Report button shows the amount of individual coins
  • Stable plastic case
  • 8 collecting trays (one per euro coin) in plastic with bottom notch
  • Power input: 45 W
  • Electric power supply: 220 V / 50 Hz

Operating instructions

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DURAMAXX Soros Coin Counter Coin Sorter Coin Counting Machine grey

  • Displays total value of the sorted coins
  • Up to 216 coins per minute
  • 9-figure digital display: 7 places before the decimal point and 2 decimal places
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