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DJ-Tech Vinyl Encoder 10 v2 USB Turntable Direct MP3 Encoding Silver

Silver turntable with quiet-running belt drive, reverse run, motor-stop function and S-shaped tone arm.

USB port for MP3 digitising your record collections onto a USB stick.

Includes pickup and editing software.

The DJ-Tech Vinyl Encoder 10 v2 is a technically accomplished record player that allows you to easily MP3-digitise your record collection or a live DJ set to your computer.

The smooth belt drive, the S-shaped tone arm and the included pickup from Audio Technica guarantee excellent recording quality. Via the included software, the digitised MP3 files can be further enhanced as you go.

With the variable pitch, two adjustable playback speeds and the tone arm lift, the DJ Tech Turntable offers all the classic features. The useful options of motor shut-off and reverse rotation round out the device's scope of functions. Recording is just as easy as playing: simply connect the disk to the USB port, start playing your record and press the record button.

Product details


  • Silver USB turntable with quiet-running belt drive
  • Direct-encoding with USB port for direct MP3 conversion on USB disk
  • Motor-stop function, reverse run and pitch range of +/- 10%
  • Die-cast aluminium platter and adjustable S-shaped tone arm
  • Includes Audio Technica AT3600L pickup and Magix Audio Cleaning Lab software


  • 1 x device
  • 1 x power cable
  • 1 x RCA cable
  • 1 x single adapter
  • 1 x pickup
  • 1 x head shell
  • 1 x English user manual (other languages: German, Spanish, Italian)


  • 45 x 14.5 x 37cm (WxHxD)
  • Weight: about 4kg


  • Connections: 1 x USB port, 1 x stereo RCA phono / line output
  • Supported playback speeds: 33, 45 U / min
  • Plug and play support
  • Frequency range: 20 Hz - 20 kHz
  • Channel separation:> 15 dB
  • Noise ratio:> 55 dB
  • Lead time: <1sec (33 U / min)
  • Brake time: <1sec (33 U / min)
  • Speed change: <1sec (33 U / min)
  • Anti-Skating
  • Phono / Line switch
  • Tonearm lift
  • Status LEDs
  • Shock-absorbing feet
  • On / off switch on the rear panel
  • Power supply: AC 115-230V, 50 / 60Hz

Operating instructions

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of Jeff reviewed on 17/02/2015

Had this turntable for about a month now and it was worth every  penny. It has a good sound quality looks good and has a reasonable quality pickup arm and head. Currently linked to my sound bar via the line out lead and this give a nice full sound. The mp3 converter works well without the need for a computer.

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of Simon reviewed on 06/01/2015

I received this turntable yesterday and after a quick simple assembley of the platter (etc) tested a few records. Wow - really pleased and considering the price better than I anticipated.
I had previously owned a cheap basic steepletone record player for £40 but wanted something better with good sound but it looked liked I would have to spend perhaps £150 on something still plastic but a little more respectable. For the price this turntable is incredible, feels really solid and has everything I could want (apart from the turntable doesn't stop at the end of the record - instead you get more DJ based tools like pitch and reverse play). I was less worried about creating MP3 on the USB plug in so that is just a bonus I've yet to try out.
I you want a starter turntable with quality pick up, simple plug and play, good sound and counterweight/anti skate to protect your records then this is it (i just hooked it up to an old panasonic DVD/CD system using the line out / RCA supplied).

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of Chris reviewed on 06/12/2014

Works well, good quality and well priced.  Everything works as it should and connects easily to a hifi too.

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DJ-Tech Vinyl Encoder 10 v2 USB Turntable Direct MP3 Encoding Silver

  • Belt drive
  • Direct encoding
  • Motor-stop function, reverse run and pitch shift
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