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Chord Keyboard Bag KB44 for 25 Keys Twin Seam Tear-Proof

Tear-proof keyboard case with twin seams and high weight carrying capacity. Features a unique design and compatibility with almost any type of keyboard.

The Chord keyboard bag is the perfect companion anyone who often has their instrument with them when on the go or whilst traveling from gig to gig at the weekends.

With this instrument bag, Chord offers security and protection for many types of keyboard. The excellently designed bag, that protects its contents with its twin hems and seams, as well as a rubber-reinforced bas, also offers additional space for cables and other stage equipment in its two, Velcro-fastened outer compartments. In order to make carrying the keyboard bag extremely comfortable, the carrying straps feature extra protection to ensure the weight of the contents doesn’t cause any pain for those valuable hands.

Suitable for the following keyboards:

CASIO CTK80 CTK230 CTK451 CTK481 CTK491 CTK495 CTK496 CTK519 CTK531 CTK541 CTK551 CTK571 CTK560L CTK573 CTK591 CTK611 CTK620L CTK631 CTK651 CTK671 CTK680 CTK691 CTK700 CTK731 CTK800 CTK900 CTK2000 CTK3000 CTK4000 CTK5000 - K30 K35 K43 K45 K50 K55 K60 K65 K70S K90TV K93TV - LK110 LK220

GENERAL MUSIC CD1 CD2 CD3 CD10 CD20 CD30 - GK310 GK330 GK340 GK350 - WK1 WK1000

ROLAND C180 - E15 E16 E28 E35.400R - EM10 EM15 EM20 EM25 - 150R - EP3 EP5 - JP8000 - JV30 - JX30 - JX3P - SK50 - EG101 - SH201 - VP550 - VP550 VP770

TECHNICS KC200 KC211 KC600 KC611 - KN300 KN470 KN500 KN550 KN570 KN650 KN700 KN750 - MB100

YAMAHA AN1X - CS1X CS2X - DJX - EZAG20 EZAG30 EZAG150 EZAG250i - PSR160 PSR170 PSR172 PSR175 PSR195 PSR202 PSR225GM PSR206 PSR215 PSR220 PSR225 PSR270 PSR273 PSR275 PSR280 PSR290 PSR292 PSR293 PSR295 PSR340 PSR350 PSR410 PSR420 PSR450 PSR540 PSR630 PSR640 PSR730 PSR740 PSR1000 PSR1500 PSR2000 PSR3000 PSRK1 - PSRA300 PSRA1000 - PSRE203 PSRE213 PSRE303 PSRE313 PSRE413 - YPT200 YPT300 - PSRSAS500 - PSRS550 - EZ200

Product details


  • Especially tear-proof, water-resistant nylon for protecting your keyboard
  • Twin hems and seams
  • Suitable for many types of keyboard


  • 1 x Keyboard bag


  • 97.3 x 39.8 x 17cm (W x H x D)


  • Excellent, lightweight material design
  • Rubber-reinforced base
  • See-through section for name, address etc
  • Reinforced, comfortable carrying handle
  • Zip fastener
  • 1 small Velcro outer compartment
  • 1 large Velcro outer compartment

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Chord Keyboard Bag KB44 for 25 Keys Twin Seam Tear-Proof

  • Tear-proof nylon

  • Twin seams
  • Suitable for many types of keyboard
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