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Chord CH-50 Chorus Pedal - Old School Design

Controllable electric guitar effects pedal for a classic shimmering chorus sound.

Robust old-school design made from sturdy die-cast metal. 

Chord presents the classic chorus effect pedal, which is known for a classic rich shimmering sound that is rarely found in modern digital devices. This Chord Chorus CH50 is now in a smaller casing, which means you’ll have more space on your pedalboard.

Chorus is a standard effect and an integral part of many famous guitarists’ sound. Chorus means that the effect enriches the tone played with additional notes in a slightly different pitch. It makes the guitar sound fuller, and the listener has the impression that several guitars are playing at once (as if in a choir).

Thanks to its robust design, the analogue chorus pedal can withstand decades of rock music and promises true rock 'n' roll!

Product details


  • Chorus effect guitar pedal for shimmering sound
  • 3 adjustable frequencies for chorus effect
  • Affects entire frequency range




  • Connections: 1 x 6.3 mm jack input, 1 x 6.3mm jack output
  • Controls: Speed, Depth, Effect Level
  • Analogue circuitry
  • Sturdy, high-quality die-cast metal case
  • Heavy duty
  • LED indicator
  • Power supply: 9V battery

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Chord CH-50 Chorus Pedal - Old School Design

  • Chorus effects pedal
  • 3 adjustable frequencies
  • Affects entire frequency range
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