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Capital Sports Lionessbar Barbell Bar Olympic Bar Women 201cm 15kg

Barbell bar for women for Cross-Training and functional training in the studio or home gym.

Corresponds to Olympic standards: 201cm long, 15kg weight and sleeve diameter of 50mm.

Extremely high load capacity of up to 1000 pounds, ideal for everyday, repeated use.

The barbell bar Lionessbar is the first of its kind made by Capital Sports, developed specifically for the high loads involved in weightlifting, power lifting and Cross-Training.

With 201cm length, 15kg weight and a sleeve diameter of 50mm, the device meets the requirements for an Olympic bar. This high level of standards is met at all levels. The rod is made out of fully galvanised spring steel and can be loaded with up to 1000 pounds. This makes it ideal for all strength sports in which the rod is dropped with high additional weight. Even with multiple daily bar dropping, the bar remains stable without bending or being damaged. The high-quality silver galvanising protects the rod from scratching and makes additional maintenance efforts unnecessary, even under high stress.

Very special attention has been paid to the bearings of the Capital Sports barbell, representing a real highlight. Both weight shots rest on 3 needle-bearing rings, each consisting of 6 needles. This rotation of the shots is very smooth rolling, making the Lionessbar bar ideal for exercises in which you want to convert as quickly as possible and with little effort. This becomes quickly apparent in classic weight exercises such as pulling and pushing.

The handlebars feature a diameter of 25mm, optimally adapted to the grip of a female hand. The handles are covered with a fine, diagonal knurling and offer a safe and firm grip at all times.

On the 32cm-long sleeves, metal weights can find a place, such as bumper plates made of hard rubber. Two dumbbell brackets are included with delivery and keep the weights securely in place. The quick attachment and detachment of the brackets provide ideal conditions for changing the weights frequently. Whether in the pit or the home gym or the garage, the Capital Sports Lionessbar barbell bar is the right choice for all ambitious athletes.

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  • Barbell bar for women for weightlifting, bench press, Cross-Training, functional training and much more
  • Extremely smooth weight intakes through high-quality support: 3 needle bearings with 6 needles each
  • Extremely high load capacity up to 1000 pounds
  • Corresponds to Olympic standards: 201cm length, 15kg weight, 50mm sleeve diameter
  • Adapted to female hand


  • 1 x barbell
  • 2 x dumbbell clip
  • Please note that this item comes with no user manual


  • Length: 201 cm
  • Sleeve diameter: 5.0 cm
  • Sleeve length: 32 cm
  • Weight: 15 kg


  • Length of weight intakes: 32cm
  • Includes 2 barbell brackets for quick and secure attachment of weights
  • Suitable for daily, repeated bar-dropping
  • Material: galvanised spring steel
  • Sleeves repeatedly supported
  • Diameter handlebar: 28mm
  • Diagonal fine knurl for secure grip

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Capital Sports Lionessbar Barbell Bar Olympic Bar Women 201cm 15kg

  • Barbell bar for women 
  • Extremely smooth weight intakes: 3 needle bearings with 6 needles each
  • Extremely high load capacity up to 1000 pounds
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