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Behringer Truth B3031A Pair of Active Studio Monitors 570W Speakers

The Behringer Truth B3031A studio monitors produce an amazing sound quality. Every tone, every note is microscopically laid bare to provide an impeccable sound reproduction, so you know exactly what you are producing

Behringer have produced a pair of studio monitors, that speak nothing but the Truth. The Behringer Truth B3031A monitors provide an unfiltered, full sound that is crystal clear and without compromise. The ribbon tweeters are fair ahead of their predecessors, while the Kevlar cone speakers deliver an intense bass sound that is often only found in professional studios.

If you were wondering why Kevlar has been used in the monitors, here is the reason: Kevlar has an incredible strength-to-weight ratio, which is also the reason it is used in bulletproof vests. The bass drivers of the Behringer Truth B3031A are not bulletproof, but do have the necessary strength to handle the extremely high energy levels required for a distortion-free bass. Since Kevlar has such a low mass, the speaker cones also respond much more quickly than speakers made from other materials, which is important for not only maintaining bass integrity, but also for the accuracy of the midrange.

Ribbon tweeters are certainly not something that are often seen. However, they provide an exceptionally wide horizontal dispersion, while keeping the vertical alignment tight. This results in a seldom reached perfection of high-frequency reproduction. Additionally, ribbon tweeters are almost weightless, which (like the Kevlar) allows a fast response to changes in the treble range. Ribbon tweeters are also able to reproduce frequencies far above the normal hearing range. While the sounds are not able to be heard, their lower harmonics are, resulting in a stunning sound impression.

Product details


  • Active nearfield monitors with 285W peak power
  • Bi-Amp - two integrated power amps (150W bass, 75W treble)
  • 8.6" (22cm) Kevlar bass drivers and 2" (5cm) ribbon tweeters
  • Large "sweet spot" due to wave guide technology
  • Active crossover network with Linkwitz-Riley filters


  • 2 x Speakers
  • 2 x Power cable


  • 25 x 40 x 29 cm (W x H x D)
  • Weight: approx. 22 pounds (10kg)


  • Connections: 1 x XLR and 1 x 6.3mm (balanced) jack input for each speaker
  • Linear frequency response with individual frequency diagrams
  • Die-cast chassis for ultimate bass response
  • Maximum of 116 dB SPL for the pair of speakers
  • Frequency response (+/- 3 dB): 50Hz to 24kHz
  • Magnetic shielding allows for placement near computer monitors
  • Controlled dispersion
  • Power supply: 220-230V, 50/60Hz

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Behringer Truth B3031A Pair of Active Studio Monitors 570W Speakers

  • Active nearfield monitors with 285W peak power
  • Two integrated power amps
  • 8.6" Kevlar bass drivers and 2" ribbon tweeters
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